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  1. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    Yes, That was not a good website, but I did find an English version by doing a Google search. Thanks again. Dave :-)
  2. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    Strogoff Advanced Member Members 5 30 posts LocationRome - Italy Report post Posted January 27, 2015 I've found the same macro translated into english go to visit http://musickeyboardtrick.blogspot.it/2014/09/casio-rhytim-converter.html?m=1#.VMgDuNKG-s_ Here is the video tutorial http://youtu.be/0JTjpSgtSBU Works fine Bye The above link to the English macro and tutorial says no longer available. Does anybody have them? I would at least like to get the English macro. Thanks Dave
  3. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    Does anyone know what happened to the conversion software mentioned above? The links do not work for me. I have a WK7600. Thanks Dave