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  1. 9 Drawbar Organ

    Thanks. That worked.
  2. 9 Drawbar Organ

    Here is the organ sound. I don't have the piano/synth sound anywhere anymore. 9DrawJPmodB1.ZPF
  3. 9 Drawbar Organ

    I tried this and set it to pedal 2, but it's acting funny. I set the DSP to rotary on Zone 1 (Where the organ sound is) and I set pedal 2 to"speed" under "common" for the Stage Setting. Then I disabled pedal 2 under zone 3 (where it was previously enabled and set up to toggle percussion on/off) and turned it on for only zone 1. The rotary speed switching works, but only when I have zone 3 selected on the front panel. If I go right to the stage setting from another stage setting it defaults to viewing zone 1 (as per the norm) and I can't switch the rotary speed with pedal 2 until I tab over with Zone + so that I have zone 3 selection. There is obviously some kind of hold over from pedal 2 being setup until zone 3 in the initial stage setting, but I don't know where that option is. I have run into similar issues with other patches when I make a fader/knob/pedal do something different on a different zone than it was int he factory preset. It does what I want but only when I have the original zone selected. Sometimes I have had it where the fader does sometimes different depending on what zone is selected. (I had distortion set up on knob 2 on a synth patch which I added to a piano sound. The piano had knob 2 originally mapped to mid eq. I set knob 2 to distortion for the synth and only turned it on for zone 2 [where the synth was]. It would distort as desired when I had zone 2 selected, but if I tabbed over to select zone one, it would distort the synth as well as changing the mid eq for the synth, but leave the piano sound uneffected [as it should because I had knob 2 turned off for zone 1. This if obviously a different issue, but probably related to what I am doing know/not understanding for the organ tone.)
  4. String Swells on pedal 2

    The on/off rates did the trick. Thanks.
  5. String Swells on pedal 2

    I am trying to code string swells on pedal 2. I have the expression set up, and it is working, but sometimes comes off a bit choppy when i hit the pedal. Also, I want it to swell out when I let go of the pedal. Essentially I want a similar effect to the rotary speaker emulation with the organ sounds, where it doesn't cut right from 0 to 127 and back again. I set the bottom end of the expression to 30 so that it doesn't cut the strings down to 0 before swelling to 127 (because that sounded awful) but the choppiness still comes in if I am hitting the keys really hard already. I have the max volume level of the strings patch set to 100, so if I hit the keys hard and then swell with pedal 2, the volume of the patch drops to 30 before swelling top 127. I want to essentially start the swelling at the played volume instead of at a specifically assigned number. Also, I want the swells to swell back out when I let go of the pedal. Thanks.