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  1. LK-230 software install

    Thanks Brad. That makes sense. I'll give it a go tomorrow when my brain has some coffee in it. Rob
  2. LK-230 software install

    Hi all. New here. Yeah, I know the LK-230 is an oldy, but I'm hoping it's a goody. I bought it used, with a power connector. I'm thinking about connecting it via USB to my older iMac, running Mac OS v10.6.8. The manual (which I found on the Casio site) says that the software is compatible with Mac OS 10.5.2 and later. A lot of software that ran under v10.5.x also ran under v10.6.x, so I'm hopeful this will too. The manual also says this, on pg 33, under Connecting to the computer... "If this is the first time you are connecting the keyboard to your computer, the driver software required to send and receive data will be installed automatically." That seems to be saying that the software is on the LK-230 itself and will be fed to the Mac from there. I've never heard of such a thing before and was just wondering if that's really what it means. Also, if I need a driver update, where can I get it? There are no software downloads on the Casio site for Mac OS as far as I can see. Thanks for any help you can offer.