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  1. Keep MZ X500 or Tyros 5?

    I would say, get the Tyros 5.. A much better machine in my opinion, surely the Casio has great stuff inside, but it's still a Casio, and i know this is a Casio forum, but let's all agree that casio's unfortunately have very little value when it comes to the 2ndhand market, unless we talk about the MT-68, SK-1, VL-tone, stuff like that.. But why not see if you can also keep the Casio by it's side? You can combine best of both worlds!
  2. Dead Flowers on my WK1800

    Recorded/Uploaded this 2 days ago, i'm a massive Stones fan, and i thought i would give it a go. Even tried to immitate a bit of the guitar solo, but with a saxophone it sounds kinda dull.
  3. I've become the owner of a Casio WK-1800 keyboard and abandoned the Yamaha forum (Since they basically told me, you don't play a Yamaha anymore, what the f are you doing here..) really great machine, ease of use is a 10/10. I've created 2 nice rythms on it already, however. My computer doesn't have a floppydrive ánd i don't have floppies here, but. I would love to get those styles to the computer somehow.. Does anyone know how i can do that? I've got a midi to USB cable, and it works (The Casio works great as a midicontroller!) But of course it's not USB, so it can't detect the Casio on the computer.