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  1. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    I own a 350. It was too difficult to split and layer. The 360 is SO much easier. I got my 360 last week and love it!!
  2. Organ rotary speed toggle?

    Is the second pedal input on the PX360 ONLY assignable to sostenuto or soft? It would be a no-brainer to allow other control functions.
  3. Help with 1-finger Casio Chord

    See pg 22 of the 360 manual. I don't think there is a 1 fingered chord. There seem to be three 'modes' of fingered chords, but these all rely on a three-fingered chord. The Casio style chords CAN be one finger, but also 2,3, and 4 depending on what you want. If you want just major chords the Casio style may work for just playing the root.
  4. Is this true? I am looking to purchase a 360 or CGP. Confused
  5. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    Is it 2.0 or 3.0? or doesn't that matter?
  6. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    I may be wrong but the CGP comes with a stand I don't need. Even though it appears to be the same price. But I may consider it.
  7. Hi, all, I just joined and already own a PX350 but am thinking of purchasing a 360 soon. I've downloaded the manual but can't seem to find the max size for the USB drive. Also is it USB 2.0 or 3.0? Any info will help. Pete Columbus, Oh