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  1. Help! Can't download Firmware 1.13. Please assist

    Thank you for the support and assistance, Brad, Mike and Joe! A big thank you to Mike for posting the file on Dropbox. It downloaded quickly and I was able to get my board up and running just in time for rehearsal! The problem might actually be something with my browser like you guys said. Small (and usually large) files download quickly but every once in a while, bigger ones get stuck. Thanks again, guys! You were my lifeline just in time!
  2. Help! Can't download Firmware 1.13. Please assist

    Thank you, BradMZ! The issue for me isn't connection speed. It appears to be something on Casio's end regarding speed. The file is only 170 MB and should take only 2-3 minutes to download on a mid-speed connection or less than a minute on a fast one. I'm hoping it's an issue that Casio can fix.
  3. Hi Casio friends, My Privia PX-5S is showing the "media not found" error on the screen and I've tried to download the firmware update five times but it goes so slowly that it eventually errors out. (Original link: http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=435) I need to get my board up and running again for a rehearsal tonight. Can anybody please help me by uploading their copy of the update to a safe location like GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc? I surely appreciate anyone's help! Thank you!! Thankfully, Fritz Schindler Contagious Folk 'n' Roll Musician Radford, VA