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  1. I have a Privia PX-200 that I have owned for many years, but only played it as a standalone piano. I now have it in a MIDI studio setup and want to use some of the great sounds in my productions. Only thing is, it seems to be responding to every MIDI track (Cubase) that I create. There doesn't seem to be a way to select which channel it receives on - it takes in everything my MIDI thru box is putting out. For instance, I assigned a pad sound for my Juno 2 on channel 2 but the Privia is just playing the standard piano preset 1 along with it on this channel. Is there a way to defeat this? I noticed it will do the whole production for me if I assign instruments/channels in Cubase, which is cool, but I wanted to use my analog synths along with it too. Help!?