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  1. Wow everybody thanks so much for trying! I haven't heard about Soundhound but I will check it out. And thanks so much for the WK-3800 lead! I will try to find that song list and see if it rings any bells. God bless you guys for trying!
  2. Ok, I have a really random request: Can anyone help me name an obscure demo song with almost no info to give you?.... When I was a kid in the late 90's, I had a Casio keyboard. Don't remember the model number (that would be too easy, wouldn't it?). I remember it had round speakers and big buttons in the middle and a midi interface and less than 88 keys. It was silver. It had a ton of sounds and demo songs. Some songs were Londonderry Air, American Patrol and Bluebells of Scotland. Then there's this one song I can't get out of my head but can't for the life of me remember the name of. Can't find it when I search for demo song lists. So I will take a shot in the dark and describe it here in case someone happens to be familiar with that keyboard and song. (Not enough info probably but I thought i would try). The song is mostly in a minor key. It modulates a little to the major in the bridge. The strings carry the melody at least in the bridge. I don't remember if the rest of the melody is strings or oboe or something. The melody starts by going up a minor scale. It sounds very sad. Like a Russian ballad. It kind of reminds me of Song Without Words by Holst but it is not that song. I attached a recording of me singing the main melody minus the bridge so you didn't have to submit to the torture too long. Lol! It sounds Classical Russian to me but could be a theme from a movie or soap opera for all I know! Maybe if you don't have the keyboard but know a bit about music you will recognize it? This has been driving me mad for many years. Thank you for your time. Voice_171011_2.3gp