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  1. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    I haven't seen the above screen, it also says "MP3" does that mean an audio type of file?
  2. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    I've looked at that page several time's, at both links above..I don't see the downloads dos ritmos button...
  3. Are there any styles/rhythms available?

    It took me a bit, I noticed after downloading and extracting these .zip files I ended up with .zpk file and a PDF rhythm list, I noticed .zpk was not listed as a supported file type on pg. 61 on basic guide...I tried "load","load all" after selecting "rhythm" no good...finally tried .."load"..."package" this loaded all the vol.1 rhythms to next available user rhythm slots..then the same with the vol.2..so I'm guessing .zpk signifies package?
  4. XWP1 Tones

    I wasn't sure since they do have same .ZTN at end....so I was looking for an easy way to move them from Thumb drive to SD card...using only my android phone..I found a cheap card reader that has micro usb cable, ports for usb devices and slots for SD and micro SD cards..I moved all of Marcinho files over to SD card .....quick and easy...I think I will create a XW folder on the thumb drive and save all files there....then transfer to SD card musicdat folder as needed...now I just need to brainstorm getting files I used on my WK3500..which uses floppy discs and Smart Media cards
  5. XWP1 Tones

    Hope someone can translate.. I downloaded all these tones to usb drive thinking they were for MZ X500, later noticed they were for XW P 1....now I actually own both of these keyboards...Merry Christmas to me🎄, But my question? Will the tones download to the MZX500?, or how can I load unto my XWP1?
  6. MZ X500 firmware updates

    Oh I neglected to thank bradMZ for his help also..I downloaded the 1.5 update at an internet cafe.. thankfully they had a WinZip program also. It took me a while to locate the update.bin file but then I was set..I also had a frozen yogurt and my total bill was abt $4 merry Christmas to me and to all you Casio fans..🎅
  7. MZ X500 firmware updates

    Thanks Rick I did get the 1.50 update installed plus the 1.5 manual and 1.4 appendix and tutorial manuals downloaded...thanks for your help and Happy Holidays🎄
  8. MZ X500 firmware updates

    Thanks Rick I did see that in each of the manual updates. My confusion is at the actual Casio support page it say "Click the download button" Then "TO INSTALL the update software on your instrument" "Please uncompress the downloaded zip file and refer to users guide" So when and where do I do the "uncompress"
  9. MZ X500 firmware updates

    After settling for a XW-P1 instead of the mzx500 due to payment plans, the same online seller made 18 month no credit check plan available to me SO I just recieved my MZ-X500 this week for $60 a month..I checked and see it had version 1.31 installed..I want to install v.1.5, I don't have computer, so plan on using internet cafe down the street...I want to have an exact plan on doing the update..so far I get the idea, get a USB drive and format it to FAT32, 1st question Do I update to 1.4 then to 1.5 or jump right to 1.5...at what point do I uncompress the .zip file, when do I load it to usb drive..any help would be appreciated thanks Tim A