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  1. Grand Piano sound (sample) issue

    Hmmmmm.....I also have the PX-3 (Limited Edition)... I personally haven't noticed this but I'll ask my musical associate to check into this issue. He has a better ear for this type of stuff.
  2. Mike, Insead of activating that layer in a momentary fashion, (i.e. - so long as the pedal is depressed the volume is brought up), can it be "toggled" on/off instead using a sustain pedal? (Press once to activate - press again to deactivate). In other words, right now on the PX-3 I have the grand piano on one upper layer and strings on another. When I want to add strings over the piano sound I have to hit the "Layer" button. Are you saying that it would be possible to assign that 2nd pedal input on the PX-5S to switch on and off that particular level? (In my particular circumstance, it's not essential to gradually increase and decrease the level).
  3. Very cool, Mike. I can definitely envision some opportunities to take advantage of that feature!
  4. The Korg volume pedal has a "Min Level Control" knob. I have the knob set back about 30%. So it's really adjusted more like an "expression" pedal at this point. Next I brought up the piano level so that it's at a comfortable "comping" level when the pedal is eased all the way back. That's the normal position for the pedal unless I get into a solo and need a little extra umph. The pedal gets me there. Next, I adjusted the levels on the e.piano, strings, clavs, transistor organs and tonewheel organs to a similar "comping level" with the pedal eased all the way back as well. It took some time and effort to get this all sorted out but the PX-3's Zone editing ability made it easy enough to do. One other thing I neglected to mention. I play the Privia through a Bose PAS L1 system with (2) B1 Bass Modules. I have the left bass channel going into Channel 1 on the Bose and the output of the volume pedal going into Channel 2. The system has an R1 remote control (about the size of a TV remote) with a 10' cable. I have this control unit velcro'd to the left leg of my keyboard stand. There are individual knobs on the remote for each of the two channels (Treble, Mid, Bass, Channel Level) and Master Level, so I can actually fine tune the bass and other sounds right from the piano bench. Anyhow, that's my current rig. It's not perfect but gets me by for the time being until something more flexible comes along.
  5. Hi Andrew, I play a PX-3 and am in a similar situation. I play left hand bass (Finger Bass Tone) and pan it's signal to the Left Channel. All of my other sounds, played on the upper split, I pan to the Right Channel. The "Bass" Channel runs right to a bass amp. The "Other" Channel runs into a Korg Volume Pedal and then onto the amplifier. On stage, I adjust the overall volume ontrol on the piano to a comfortable level for the bass and use the volume pedal to regulate the volume of the other sounds. Not hi-tech but gets the job done (until I can come up with a better method). At least on the PX-5S, you can assign the sliders to control your mixes, but again, you have to use a free hand to do it with which is a challenge when playing manual bass and keyboard at the same time.
  6. PX-5S: Pink Floyd's On the Run

    "Not bad for a piano" is RIGHT! Amazing... and that's only using TWO Zones?? Wow!
  7. What's your setup like?

    I currently use a 2-keyboard rig. The lower is my Privia PX-3 (that I use for manual bass & pianos, e.pianos, strings and other comping sounds). The upper keyboard is a Korg microSTATION that I use for all of my organ sounds, brass, synth and various solo sounds). Whereas the Privia has some pretty good orchestral sounds as well, if the organ/rotary sounds are improved enough on the Privia Pro PX-5S, I just may be able to leave the Korg at home and rely on the new Privia keyboard for all of my sounds!
  8. The "April availability" date is inching closer and closer...... Can't wait!
  9. The NAMM Show 2013

    Hey Mike, Any chance of scoring one of those cool "Privia Pro" T-Shirts (like you were wearing at NAMM) w/ Proof Of Purchase??
  10. PX-5S Audio Clips

    Totally understandable. I think I speak for everyone on this Forum when I say that we really appreciate the time, thought and effort that you've put into responding to all of our questions and comments.
  11. PX-5S Audio Clips

    @ Mike... On my PX-3, I use the following organ sounds (in some cases, layered & 1 octave apart): JAZZ ORGAN 1 ROCK ORGAN 2 DRAWBAR ORGAN 1-3 ELEC. ORGAN 1 Is there a chance that we might get to hear any of the above sounds in the PX-5S and, if so, could we hear it through that Double Rotary Effect (fast & slow speeds)? Thanks!
  12. The NAMM Show 2013

    Sorry 'bout that. I got so excited checking out this new site and wanting to share that I forgot to post the liknk. LOL (See above)
  13. The NAMM Show 2013

    I just found a rather informative link for the PX-5S. It features lots of details (including graphic) of this new DP. Good reading! http://www.casio-intl.com/asia-mea/en/emi/privia/px5s/
  14. The only CON, thus far, that I can think of: There isn't a provision for a CV pedal in either pedal input. You CAN adjust volume levels with either the wheels, control knobs or sliders but if you want to adjust the volume of the keyboard with your foot you still have to run the signal through an in-line pedal. Maybe this feature will be in the next generation (PX-7?) :-)