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  1. XW-G1 Trombone+Trumpet User Wave .ZWT file

    After spending a lot of time in keybord's menu searching for correct loop point, I've finaly made new version of trombone sound. Now it's endless. Trombone.ZWT
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to share my trombone user wave file with you. I needed the trombone sound, but the GM does not sound very good, so I had to make this custom .ZWT file. I've used sounds from Kontact's banks - Trombone v3 and Trumpet 1.1. The trombone samples are tied to a low 3 octaves and the trumpet samples are tied to a high 2 octaves (limitation of real instrument's range made me use trumpet for high notes). But there were difficulties with looping the samples: when it was repeated I've heard clicks. I've found the necessary points for looping without clicks in the audio editor, but I could not specify them in the Data Editor or in the synthesizer menu - click still appeares. Therefore, I took the maximum possible duration for each of the 5 audio files (the limitation of the duration is probably related to the limited memory size) and used them without looping. That was enough for me in that case. If someone have a better version of trombone/trumpet user wave please share with me. Also I would appreciate if someone could fix looping issue in this file or point me how it could be done without clips and cracks. WBR, Dmitriy Tromb+Trump.ZWT