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  1. Does these possible with PX-5S ?

    Here's a starting point. Season to taste... Start with a bright electric guitar patch that you sorta like. Set the low-pass filter frequency in the midrange, around G and octave and a half above middle C. Increase the resonance of the filter as much as you can stand it. Instant Twang (single-coil) guitar! Fiddle a bit with the filter frequency, resonance, and key follow.
  2. Expression over MIDI

    With the blessing of my Beloved Spouse, I bought a PX-5S just before the 1027 discount period ended. Just scratched the surface, and I'm still loving this board. Good golly, even the sostenuto pedal works perfectly. I feel like I could reach in and play Emerson's "Take a Pebble." Issue o' the day, then: I've been looking for a MIDI controller to act as a volume or expression pedal on the PX-5S. I once had a Behringer FCB1010, and loved it, but it takes up a lot of floor space, and I don't really need all the buttons -- just the CC pedal(s). Has anyone reading this tried the Source Audio sa163? It looks like the volume pedal equivalent of a "universal solvent." I came across that digging around on the web, and although a bit pricey, it looks like it may be able to do the job. But since I'd never heard / read about it before, I figured I'd ask around. Besides, I still need to reload the piggy bank before I buy one anyway.
  3. Multitimbrality

    Thanks, Brad. How are effects affected? I assume I don't have simultaneous inserts for all 16 channels.
  4. Multitimbrality

    Hey, folks. I'm preparing to buy a PX-5S. primarily to have a great-sounding piano that I can tuck under one arm. One thing that is still unclear to me is how (if) it works as a MIDI sound module. Can it sound on multiple channels that are not in the current Stage setup? Are any effects available for incoming MIDI data? I have a nice 4-channel 61 note controller keyboard (with aftertouch and a volume pedal) that might be fun to plug into the PX, if there's anything to be gained by doing so. -Tom Williams (so new that I don't have a signature block defined yet)