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  1. I am looking to pick up a new lighted keyboard to help my niece learn how to play keyboard, and figure I would purchase one for myself. I originally picked up an LK-135 for this Xmas as an impulse buy, but then started researching the higher end models and am just plain confused as to which to upgrade to. I would appreciate the ability to learn with the Chordana Play App, as the advertisement states, "Just download your favorite MIDI files, connect your device's headphone output to the LK-265's audio input, and explore an endless library of music." (I have 80GB of my own store bought music, woohoo!) But if the LK-280 is the flagship model in this lineup, how come it does not mention any integration with the Chordana Play app? Will it work at all with it? Is the app even necessary to port my own songs over to learn on the lighted keys? The Chordana Play app just makes it look easy to teach my niece with the plug and play functionality without having to explain to a 3 yr old (And my sister who isn't technical at all) how to hack a song into a Midi file on Windows 10 and insert an SD card. I also really like that the 280 records if I ever want to make an attempt at being the next Trent Reznor with my own completed songs which the 265 does not seem to support. Basically if the 280 works with the app it would make it well worth the upgrade but there is no resources on anyone doing this. If anyone has any experience with these combinations, please let us know your experience.