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  1. The tones effected are Digital EP 1-9. All of these do the same thing I'm having an issue with. I'll edit the initial post to show them.
  2. Hello everyone. I received my PX-5s roughly a month ago. When I play acoustic piano and electric piano tones, I can press the sustain pedal, play the keyboard, and not have my dynamics affect the sustain. For example, if I play a loud note followed by a soft note with the pedal pressed, the resonance and decay of the loud note will not be affected by soft note immediately played after it. When I do the same thing with the digital piano tones however, the louder notes decay and resonance is choked and killed off when the softer note is played. I've been messing with settings to see what is causing it to do this. If anyone knows what I can do to remedy this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to make a retro 80's FM keys style stage setting, but I don't like that the digital piano tones this weird cut-off. Thanks in advance, everyone. EDIT: The tones that I'm referring to with the volume change are Digital EP 1-9. All nine do the problem. Again, thanks for any help.