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  1. Sampling sustained sounds

    Think I'm getting a bit lost here.... the MZ-X500 DEFINITELY DOES work with samples or maybe I am dreaming and don't really own one....
  2. Sampling sustained sounds

    Awesome Brad - many thanks Pete
  3. Hi guys/gals Apologies but I may be asking a stupid one here - haven't had my morning triple-shot coffee yet I recently had a go at loading and configuring guitar WAV samples and produced a "Hank Marvin Fender Strat guitar" tone to share (in downloads section). This seemed all reasonably straight forward using the sample manager software from Casio. I'd like to do a better job with some other sound samples I have. My question is: ...if I was doing the same but with WAV file samples of strings or organ (i.e. the sounds are sustained (looped)) how do I configure the actual loop part of the WAV so that the MZ plays continuously whilst the notes are held down? I have done this on my Korg as its in-built editor has this feature. Hope I'm making sense. I think Mike Martin may have done this with his "StringMachine" tone in the downloads..... Thanks Pete

    Keyboard-bashing is always very personal and subjective but I have to agree that it is an excellent product and amazing value for money. Pete
  5. Various EDM Pad & Tone Files RALPH MATEN

    Thanks CKid - this is great - look forward to trying these Pete
  6. Shadows guitar tones

    Ah!!! Thanks for confirming Brad - thought as much - I will update them with appropriate descriptions too (So if I load a sampled Tone and then edit it (e.g. change effects etc...) and then save it as a new Tone will that also copy the sample or will it share the sample?) Cheers Pete
  7. Shadows guitar tones

    Hi Guys Loving this MZ – have just attempted my first sampled “tone”. I have created the Fender Strat sound of “the Shadows” (Hank Marvin) – for any of you old enough to remember them I have placed them in the download areas for the MZ and hope you find it useful but more importantly would love to know if I’ve done it OK – still have a lot to learn. I used the SampleManager software and it worked brilliantly – loaded note samples C & G from C2 to G5 – dropped the final Tone one octave. I have uploaded 3 Tones in the MZ-X>>MZ-X500 Downloads section:- “Hank1.ZTN” - full sample (10MB) “HankTrem.ZTN” same sample as Hank1 but uses “Tremolo” effect (10MB) “HankMute.ZTN” – uses internal tone Now here are a couple of questions (please):- 1. I am assuming that by loading Hank1 (10MB) and HankTrem (10MB) that the SAME samples, are loaded twice – if so then this is inefficient and might be better to load Hank1 and then edit it with Tremolo effect added and save a second Tone rather than load HankTrem 2. Is there a way I can see how much sample space is remaining (sorry if it’s in the manual!!!) (EDIT: found that one!!) Thanks Pete

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a tone using internal sounds like the muted guitar of Hank Marvin of the Shadows Cheers Pete

    Version 1.0.0


    This uses the same samples as in my "HANK1.ZTN" file and is about 10MB (it just has Tremolo effect assigned) Wasn't sure if MZ shares samples or not so if you load both you may use up another 10MB Enjoy Pete
  10. HANK1.ZTN

    Version 1.0.0


    HANK1.ZTN Sampled tone of the classic Fender Strat sound of Hank Marvin of the Shadows - 10MB Enjoy Pete :-)
  11. Bought one today....

    I am sure you've all gone through this phase but I am still in "out-of-the-box-try-everything" mode, frequently reading the manual to figure out what I am doing. But I am getting more and more blown away with this keyboard. I love the fact that registrations include things like the rhythm "Fingered mode" setting - that is a bonus already compared to my PA4X and the freeze filtering is great . Sorry - I'll shut up soon - just still a bit excited - you know how it is Heading towards needing some help but will be patient and make sure my answers are not in the docs. Oh - perhaps one quick one - can you actually hook up a MIDI controller in a manner where it can be basically an alternative keybed. I've already had some great fun using my PA4X-76 to control and play the uppers and lowers on the MZ but I am asking is there a way for me to use my PA4X-76 purely as a 76-key MIDI controller - I think the global channel is 1 but really need a control channel I think. Cheers & thanks Pete
  12. Bought one today....

    Thanks Chris IOW - one of my favourite places in the world!!!! @Rick... In what ways do you use it with Kronos? Cheers Pete
  13. Bought one today....

    Thanks Steve, Rick & Ronald Having a ball with this MZ and it's only 2 days old!! Can't believe how brilliantly it MIDI's up with my PA4X - using the PA4X to give me 76 keys to play the MZ too. And yes, whilst my PA4X is also an arranger (which I love!!), I refuse to "compare" them as the MZ is a very different and brilliant keyboard - doing many things the Korg doesn't For me, these two arrangers are a perfect match in that there is very little overlap. Got to get into the Pads and some recording on it now but maybe some sleep first...... This forum is superb - the help and info is excellent - hope I can return some help sometime soon too. Cheers Pete
  14. Bought one today....

    Hey Rick Yes, G.A.S. got the better of me - all good down here thanks. I was a bit slow getting into this keyboard mainly because all I had was some very "mixed" youtube demos to go by and some of those can be totally misleading plus not able to physically try one. Your contributions here (and PMs earlier) have been instrumental (pardon the pun) in my decision and my dealer very kindly let me borrow one!! (Rare in Oz - usually they want the $$$, then they order it in etc...) but it is a good dealership.... Have a lot planned for this keyboard now.... very happy Cheers Pete
  15. Bought one today....

    Hi all I'm new here and just wanted to say a generic "thanks" for all the great information here. I have had the MZ-X500 on loan for a very short time and absolutely love it - not taking it back!!! - what a magnificent keyboard and value for money . I've obviously been studying the manuals and watching the variety of YouTube videos but must say that this forum has been the clincher. I am a Kronos and PA4X owner and now this great MZ-X500 Very excited to get into some more music and new ideas (love hex layer feature) Anyhow just wanted to say "Hi", "Thanks" and "Happy New Year" to all Cheers Pete