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  1. XW-P1 software update failed

    Today I recieved my replacement XW-P1. Thank you Casio and Musicas (dealer in The Netherlands) for the excellent service!
  2. XW-P1 software update failed

    Tnx for your responses. It is clear that the board has to be returned (defective flash memory on the main board). I contacted my dealer for a replacement. They don't have one, but they will contact Casio Benelux to discuss a solution. TBC.
  3. XW-P1 software update failed

    Hi Ted, Thanks, fortunately it worked for you. I tried to get it into UPDATE mode again (by holding EDIT and WRITE and then POWER) but I only get a blanc screen, that fades after a few seconds. Or is there another way to go to UPDATE mode?