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  1. Casio Sightings

    It's a lie I tells ya! I was nowhere near the scene of the crime at the time and the cheese is purely circumstantial evidence!!! I wanna lawyer!!! Gary
  2. A little yellow wire... into the XW-G1

    The most logical question is whether or not you have tried running the G1 on batteries or not? Since you saw it was unsoldered near the battery compartment it seems likely it is a battery connector wire. If the unit doesn't run on batteries without the adapter then Bob's yer uncle and you've solved the mystery. Gary \
  3. New Smilies/Emoticons

    This may end up becoming my signature emoticon Gary
  4. Casio mini-keyboard controller

    I believe the Vax77 folds in half. You could squeeze it into a very LARGE suitcase Gary
  5. About Step Sequencer

    Here's a link to the XW FAQ thread directly. You can just bookmark it if you like. http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/forum/2-general-discussion/ Gary
  6. About Step Sequencer

    No Prob. That's why the FAQ is a sticky at the top of the XW Forum. Gary
  7. About Step Sequencer

    Those should answer your question. Probably worth your while to take a couple of hours and browse thru the FAQ at your leisure as well. Gary
  8. Atom Age Empire - Pazzo

    Nice piece Carlo. It ,keeps you guessing until the end. Gary
  9. Rigged Rat Race

    The drumkit was the Kurzweil Layered with the Blofeld. The XW was used among the others for lead. The Juptrian Pad. Thanks for the appreciation guys Gary
  10. Rigged Rat Race

    I was possessed by the spirit of Ozzy Osborne this week. No matter how hard you try you can't win the race... Without further ado, here's a little orchestral deth metal for your enjoyment. Created using Kurzweil PC3K8, Casio XW-P1, Waldorf Blofeld, and M-Audio Venom using Cakewalk Home Studio 9.01 on KXstudio Linux. Gary
  11. What on earth is a Rhodes Organ? Do you by any chance mean Rhodes Electric Piano and Hammond Organ tones? Gary
  12. There are a couple of alternatives to the Kenton MIDI Host but they ain't cheap. 1) http://www.lab4music.it/index.php?lang=EN 2) http://www.iconnectivity.com/products/midi/iConnectMIDI4plus or if you are handy with a soldering iron there are a few much cheaper DIY alternatives. 1) http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=9681.0 2) http://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=16301.0 Gary
  13. Musikmesse Frankfurt is usually handled by Ralph Maten. Gary
  14. PC3K6 VS PX5S

    Thanks for the offer but I already have just about every free patch for the PC3K out there. As well as a boatload of paid for patches. Fact is I have more patches already than I have time to listen to. I appreciate the offer but my board is pretty much configured now the way that I want it. Gary