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  1. Too late.
  2. I'm glad that sorted it. I've had luck restoring a key with the air method. It was about two years ago and has not happened again. Thanks for the offer but I may never make it to Branson. 😁
  3. I don't here any keys out of tune. I hear one key triggering at 127 velocity. That is usually caused by a dirty contact. First thing to try is a little bit of air in the gap surrounding that key. Try from both sides gently until the key returns to normal. If that does not help, the keyboard will need servicing. It should still be under warranty if it's only two years old.
  4. It sounds like the tracks that contain note data may need to be selected manually during the SMF import conversion from STY to Casio rhythm.
  5. Perhaps you mean "No Data" on the right side of the screen? Those are your empty slots. Highlight one to choose that empty slot to write your rhythm to. Choose rename if you wish to custom name your rhyhm. Press execute to save.
  6. You'll need to press "write" and save it to a user rhythm location.
  7. No, you didn't accidentally do something to cause it. Next time it happens I want you to try something. When you touch the tone and it changes color, touch it again. That should help.
  8. First thing to try is simply power off. Is it happening often? Are you using factory or user tones?
  9. Welcome to the club! STY files have to be converted to Casio rhythms using the pattern sequencer's midi import function. Let us know if you need more direction.
  10. It could be an MT-540 or CT-460 and more. Casio's first PCM based models of that era had either one of two demo songs "Ballade Pour Adeline" or "Night Birds". Models with sound effects had an extended version of the "Night Birds" demo with a car horn and waves among some of the sound effects.
  11. Did you confirm the sample manager created a tone file with the name you choose and saved it to the usb stick properly? What type of tone did you create?
  12. Registration change via MIDI is not a feature announced in any PX-560 product literature I'm aware of.
  13. Hmmm. I know a pad can sync with the start of a rhythm. Hold the syncro button in the pad controller section and press a pad. That will make the pad start when auto accompaniment starts.
  14. There is a downloadable stage setting template already setup for this made by Mike Martin. ...and here is the official link to version 1 of the document Jason Peterson created using answers several of us have given over the years. I'm not sure how it ended up on that site. Version 2 is posted at, a site created by Scott Hamlin to agregate a ton of self help resources.