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  1. Ok. The system track does not render as a midi file. Only the 16 solo tracks will render as midi. That's why you only hear your bass line. There is currently no way to convert the system track to midi. You can try using midi out of the MZX and play back the midi recorder in the MZX. The system track uses port A. Solo tracks use port C. What software are you using?
  2. The sample manager does not have control over loop points. You'll need to edit the wave files with an editor that can create loops, then drop those into the sample manager.
  3. We have an organized downloads section for files for the MZX series. Please upload there and link to that section. You'll definitely want to reduce the size an/or number of the samples used. This file is too large for the MZX to handle easily. For those who don't know, looping is possible using an external application capable of creating wave file loops. Wavosaur is a good free option.
  4. We need more detailed information. How are you playing the recording on the computer? over MIDI? As a mid file? What did you record in the midi recording? Auto-Accompaniment on the system track? or solo tracks?
  5. Check our downloads section. I don't know whats there but you might get lucky.
  6. I would use backing tracks if you know what songs you are going to play and won't be straying away from a predetermined set list.
  7. If the keyboard works on one computer and not another, fault lies with the computer, not the keyboard.
  8. You should think about this more. For one, if you are looking to preprogram an arrangement, that is done on the MZ itself. You can use the midi recorder to program an entire song with intro's, chords, all variations and fill ins to the ending. If you wanna reach the buttons to do it live on a two tier setup, that's very doable since the accompaniment buttons are on the bottom row. With 4 variation buttons that double as 4 fill in buttons, I'm not even sure how a pedal control would be helpful. Also, the PX-5S does not have progroammable buttons. So even if it were possible to do midi remote control of this, it's not a good approach in my opinion. The buttons on the MZX are really the best way. Or preprogram the arrangement.
  9. Wow. Clever. Midi out over an audio cable via the headphone out.
  10. has info. Casio Music Gear's Facebook page is using Facebook Live this year and is streaming from the Casio stage at NAMM.
  11. Your software should have a midi settings section which allows you to assign which midi input and output device's the software will use. Casio USB Midi will show up in the list of available devices. What is the name of the software you are using?
  12. I would try compressed air from a can. If that does not work, there is a deeper issue. If you are under warranty, I would sent it in.
  13. Glad it worked out. I suspect it was a piece of dirt however unusual that seems.
  14. The jack itself switches. So if something is wrong at the jack that would explain it. Try plugging in and unplugging from the jack a few times and see if there is any hint of speakers working.