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  1. Solo Cello -Viola -Violin Sound

    There are two dsp effects for either amp lfo or filter lfo (tremolo and lfo wah). Lfo amp can be substituted with tremolo dsp, the rate of which can be adjusted with a slider in real time. Setup a slider with two targets, one for dsp lfo rate and one for vib rate. That gives you rate control of both amp and pitch with one slider and they can stay in sync. Depth can be controlled with another slider.
  2. Hi Milo. The MIDI recorder in touchscreen models does not transmit out via MIDI. (Not even on the mighty MZ-X500). Your best bet is a computer and sequencer software for controlling mutliple devices with one sequence. The chart from the manual, below, shows the items (listed under port A) that will transmit midi data out.
  3. My CTK-2400 wont work with my computer

    The USB connection is for MIDI, not audio. You'll need software that can recognize and record a MIDI controller.
  4. Thanks and Goodbye! Of Topic

    I'm glad I could help. We'll be here to help some more if you decide to return.
  5. PX-5S MIDI Output & Zones

    Hey Chuck. Been a long time since we've seen you here. I think you pretty much answered your own questions. 4 zones output to whatever MIDI channels you want them to so that you can use it to layer or split 4 different channels of sound in the external gear, same as the internal sound engine. One zone can control up to 3 different sources in any variety between internal sounds, external usb and external midi.
  6. seeking a better piano sound

    Are you using the line outs or the headphone jack to connect to your amp? The manual says that line out sound quality will change depending on wether a headphone jack is plugged in. Try it both ways to see if one is better for you.
  7. Synth and how to use it?

    The pads are only for smaller files up to 9 seconds.
  8. Synth and how to use it?

    This video for the PX-560 will help. The MZ-X500 has the same overall design so I think you'll be able to get some pointers from this.
  9. Looking for more Upright Acoustic Pianos

    Also, keep in mind there are many different upright pianos that may all sound different. Uprights vary in size, sound and condition just like grand pianos. What I created using split shift sounds very very much like the piano I grew up playing, a Brambach large upright piano in poor condition (minus the poor tuning it had). The upright you have in mind may be totally different than mine.
  10. Looking for more Upright Acoustic Pianos

    I know a little about those downloads. 😉 Old upright and Lofi upright are made from split pitch shifted piano samples. That alters the timbre of the original sample. The samples I used are the only piano samples in the PX-5S, the same used for all of the grand piano sounds in the keyboard. The PX-5S cannot load new sample data, so you'll have a hard time finding any more believable upright piano tone for it than these.
  11. Disable one zone while enabling another

    From memory so I may miss a step: Press edit>stage setting>common>controller>pedal>target>set it to layer volume. Go to target 2 of the pedal and set that to a different layer volume. Go to the pedal min max levels and reverse the values for one target. You can adjust pedal on/off rate to create a smooth crossfade or fast switch. Change the pedal action to toggle or momentary, depending on how you want it to work. Go to stage setting zone edit>controller enable> and make sure your pedal is on for the proper zone.

    Casio keyboards are plug and play, class compliant. No additional driver is needed.
  13. Px 560 ZLT???????????

    We need more details in order to see where you may have missed a step. Please describe what you have tried so far in detail.