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  1. Disabling internal sounds in PX-5S

    2 options, At the system level, press system settings/midi/local cntrl/off. At the stage setting level, press edit/stage setting/zone/midi/gen out/off. Repeat for other zones if you wish. Write the stage setting. The second option will give you a go-to stage setting for when you want the internal sounds off.
  2. Recommend Px 560 External Speakers

    Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. Go to system settings and turn off the speakers. It's at the top of the menu page.
  3. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. Go to system settings and turn off the speakers. It's at the top of the menu page.
  4. Summer NAMM 2015

    Hi Lyn. I see Mike answered your question in the Facebook group. You'll find under system settings a speaker on/off setting.
  5. Pad fade-in / out

    The input port is selected in the MIDI menu on the keyboard.
  6. LK-230 software install

    The manual is referring to is the driver. This model Casio is class compliant. That means it's designed to use a generic driver for MIDI devices. These drivers are already present on most computers. When you connect the keyboard, the operating system will recognize the keyboard as a MIDI device and install the driver. No software is transferred from the keyboard.
  7. Pad fade-in / out

    Unfortunately the fade button does not work for pads right now. Some options: If your pads are playing phrases and are assigned to use one of the mixer port A parts 1-4 (upper and lower parts), you could setup a knob, mod wheel or expression pedal to control volumes of upper and lower parts. This would give you control over the phrase level. It can also be done from the balance screen. Keep in mind these will affect both the phrase volume and key play volume that uses the same mixer part. If the pads are using other mixer parts for phrases, you can use the mixer volume controls.
  8. String Swells on pedal 2

    Have you tried adjusting the ON OFF rates of the pedal? You'll also want the pedal set to momentary instead of toggle. You might also try reducing the velocity sensitivity of the tones by editing the tone amp velocity setting.
  9. Potential Purchaser-Registration Question

    Some Casio products allow a pedal to advance registrations step by step. I'm not sure if the PX-560 has that. Hopefully someone with a PX-560 can confirm either way.
  10. Grand Piano Button

    I'm 99% sure the answer is no.
  11. Fixing loud key on PX-850

    Did you try blowing air in the gap around the key first? It might have saved you a lot of work. We've seen a number of these key malfunctions and the first thing I always suggest is air. Believe it or not, that works most of the time. No disassembly required.
  12. So, I tested the X500...

    It has to be done in the pattern sequencer mixer edit page. Once done, simply save the rhythm.
  13. I have a WK-1250 (flooded and inoperable due to Hurricane Katrina). It sure can work as a MIDI controller. It has a MIDI out port and you have the adapter cable to connect it to your computer. You can use it to send notes, pitch bend and sustain pedal messages. I'm not your guy to answer about Garage Band and Studio One. I'm not familiar with those. Maybe someone else can chime in there. On a side note, I've never taken time to figure out what is different between a WK-1250 and 1200. It can't be very much. They look identical.
  14. Tempo Control

    Wave files will only play from the thumb drive. The PX-5S does not have audio slicing. You'll need to use MIDI files or convert them to phrases in order to adjust tempo on the PX-5S. Alternatively, use external software that can slice audio in order to adjust tempo.
  15. So, I tested the X500...

    Turn on "all element", then change the drum set.