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  1. Drive rotary gain works for me. Perhaps your tone volume is low? Check that on the tone edit screen for sampled tones. For VTW tones, it is on the drawbar advanced edit screen, page 2.
  2. How did you come to this conclusion? How many Privia models did you test? Was any of them mounted on a wall at an angle (like in a retail store)?
  3. Good finds Chas. I always thought that riff in Hey Ya sounded like it could be a Casio but I could never pinpoint the sound.
  4. Do you still have your PX-5S? Do you recall which stage setting was causing clipping? I'll try to reproduce the issue. I haven't had any issues with mine so far or on the MZ-X500.
  5. These two models will clip internally for only a couple of reasons. From the factory, a properly functioning unit will not clip. I'm certain they have been tested against this. 1. If it is clipping internally (using headphones connected directly to the keyboard at midway volume level) and a factory reset or initalize all does not cure the issue, internal components need repair. 2. If it is clipping with headphones and a reset does indeed fix the problem, the user has adjusted internal gain staging in an improper manner. All other issues have to be with external gear, not the keyboard.
  6. Guys, this is starting to sound like it's simply a gain staging and dynamics issue. I've never had distortion with my PX-5S that wasn't my own fault and couldn't be fixed by simply staging correctly.
  7. No. Only the MZ series can import midi files and convert to rhythms since it's more inclined as an arranger workstation than the Privia digital piano series.
  8. First of all, the update itself does not delete any user data. It's always good to have a backup anyway for other reasons. If you decide to perform an intialize all (factory reset), that will delete everything. But yes, save all "ZAL" file saves everything stored in the keyboard as a snapshot. It will load everythig like it was when you saved it and to the same locations.
  9. His pedal was set to min 127 and max 127. Both of those are ON message values. He needed an OFF message value of "0" as min. Nothing has changed in terms of switching two zones at once. For your situation, check that edit>stage setting>zone>controller>pedal ON for the zone you want to switch.
  10. I would say zero chances. How about asking for something simple like.....pop up windows that show tempo when you adjust tempo.....pop up windows that show what knob 1 and knob 2 are adjusting? These things currently can be seen on the main menu but no where else.
  11. My susggestion is to look at the preset step sequences and study how they are setup using the editor for easier viewing.
  12. Renamed thread title and moved to proper forum category.
  13. I'm a little confused. Are you using foot switch or expression pedal? The pedal that comes with the board is a foot switch. The assignment should be set to foot switch for that pedal.
  14. For the USA this will work.
  15. Perhaps you can find a forum for Reason and ask them for clues.