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  1. I WANT an MZ-X500, mostly due to the awesome videos from Ralph Maten on YouTube.  (However, I suspect he has done some serious custom editing on his MZ to do what he does.)  But it's awesome!  If the MZ-X500 was 76 keys, I would have bought one already.  (Maybe for NAMM in January...please Casio!)  In the meantime, I'm trying to educate myself on this awesome board.

    So, articulations.  I can't get my hands on an MZ anywhere in my area, but I played the Yamaha PSR-S970 yesterday and the Super Articulations are ... WOW!  Can the MZ create these articulations (fret slides, keyoffs) in the melody hand while playing, like the Yamaha, or do I have to hit special keys in the lower register or pads to trigger these random (but gorgeous) nuances?  I looked at the Appendix pg 15, referencing "Versatile Tones" but I'm still not clear on this.

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      This would be better to start a thread in the MZX forum so the answer can be there to help others who may have the same question.  To answer, nuances are triggered either by velocity or playing certain notes outside of the low guitar range.