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  1. editing midi files

    The details I didn't mention....the MID file needs to be loaded into keyboard memory first, then selected from the user songs in the MIDI recorder and you have to exit the MIDI recorder and go to the mixer to make adjustments (counterintuitive design if you ask me). If it still doesn't work.....
  2. Pedal Speed

    I wrote that? I wouldn't give that answer today.
  3. editing midi files

    This should work just like the MZX series. Select the MID file in the MIDI recorder. Use mixer port C to edit tone selections and other mixer parameters. Overwrite the song header data by holding the store button while pressing the MIDI play record button (PX-560 must be running the latest firmware).
  4. Song Sequencer

    Yes. It's basically an 8 track phrase chaining tool. Usable phrases either come from factory presets or stored user phrases created with the onboard phrase sequncer or converted from mid files using the computer data editor. Each track can be assigned to any of 16 midi channels. I haven't tried the MIDI out so I can't answer that right now.
  5. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    Decay time key follow is only available in hex layer tones of the MZ-X500.
  6. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    The MZ-X500 can indeed have different decay times depending on where you play. Create a hex layer tone and use the amp decay time key follow to adjust decay time to taste.
  7. Low volume and thin sound when recording...

    Since you have Audacity, I recommend simply copy the recorded wav file onto your computer then use the Audacity normalize effect.
  8. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    Why do you want a separate envelope for each sample?
  9. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    I'm having a hard time understanding the English translation. From what I can tell, you want to know how to create a decay into silence. Casio does not use "sustain" in their terminology. They call it "decay". You'll need to set your final amp decay level stage to zero.
  10. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    A firmware update added the preload function. The feature is simply an alternate method of loading sample expansion data. Without preload enabled, data is loaded as tones are selected. With preload enabled, data is loaded during bootup. Tones to be preloaded are selected in the preload menus.
  11. Hex layers imported from PX560? PX5s?

    Key follow is a feature that changes a parameter through a range of keys. For example, decay time key follow could be used to shorten decay time for higher keys while allowing decay time to remain longer for lower keys. The transition would be a gradual change across a series of keys.
  12. Priority

    I'm thinking something is not right about that particular usb flash drive. Is it a brand name drive under 32gigs in size? Have you tried another drive?
  13. sad

    Update your keyboard to the latest firmware V1.13. Now leave that USB drive plugged into the keyboard at all times. This will prevent the error message. Initialize ALL is not necessary. You user data will remain intact if you do not perform initialize all.
  14. http://www.casio.com/products/electronic-musical-instruments/privia-digital-pianos/px-360/techspec http://www.casio.com/products/electronic-musical-instruments/compact-digital-pianos/cgp-700/techspec Here are the spec pages for each model. You'll want to open these side by side and compare.
  15. 9 Drawbar Organ

    Press edit>stage setting>common edit>pedal 2 edit>on rate>.....change it from 000 to 127. Your on rate was set to infinity.