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  1. CT-640 Midi Issue

    What happens if you play a software synth or VST with it?
  2. Is Pedal input 2 for Expression Pedal?

    Pedal 2 transmits MIDI. The stage setting you are using determines what MIDI CC the pedals send. Are you using 0-0 Concert Grand? You can see and change what pedal 2 sends by pressing edit>stage setting>common edit>controller>pedal 2>target>change it to what you need, expression if that's what Pianoteq requires.
  3. Is Pedal input 2 for Expression Pedal?

    There are no direct expression pedal inputs on the PX-5S. There is one on the PX-560 if you need. There are MIDI pedal input solutions as a workaround for the PX-5S. Having said that, the PX-5S doesn't necessarily have to respond to the on/off switch immediately. Pedal on/off rates can be slowed down by a setting in the menu that ranges from 0-127, fast to slow. Min/max levels can also be set so that something like a fade in or out can be done and repeated with predictable precision. I hope this helps.
  4. Bassline, Beat, Rhodes split?

    Wow, it's been a year already. Time is flying too fast.
  5. Hi there. USB drive information is on pages EN-84 and EN-91. 32 gigs or less is recommended. Drive version does not matter. USB 3.0 will work but is not necessary.
  6. They are all in reference to the same keyboard. PX-560M is the full model name. BE means it is blue.
  7. WAV converted from mp3 works?

    Press menu, system settings, information, version....current is 01.50. If it is below, update instructions are here....http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1210
  8. WAV converted from mp3 works?

    Actually, the MZX series will play MP3 files. Make sure your MZ is running the latest firmware for it to work.
  9. Try this. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Casio.MZ.X/
  10. Mzx300 softvers.1.5

    I assume you mean the audio USB recorder. I have never seen this problem with the audio recorder. Try another USB drive. Make sure it fits tightly.
  11. Ok. Maybe they just found a total of 1 of them in the back room.
  12. vox continental option

    You have 4 zones in a stage setting to work with. Each zone can work for any range of keys. Hex layer tones have 6 layers that can also work like zones, each layer can work for any range. You should be able to make these features work for what you want.
  13. USB Storage 32Gb

    It's just what they recommend for models with USB drives. We've seen PX-5S users say they have no issues with drives over 32 gigs.
  14. I would like to try this one if I can find some time to do it. I'm surprised this song hasn't come up already. You are the first I've seen ask about it. If I did it, I would definitely start with a blank hex layer and choose a wave I like, use the key follow functions and effects and stay at it until I got what I wanted.
  15. PX-5S Modulation Speed (Vibrato)

    It's done by the tone. Press Edit, tone, LFO, pitch, rate.. adjust and write tone or stage setting.
  16. Multitimbrality

    Yes, it can work as a sound module. It has a 16 part sound engine accessible via MIDI in. Parts 1-4 are used by stage settings zones 1-4.
  17. mz 2000

    Looks like they removed the downloads for those from the main site. mz-2000_disk_2.zip mz-2000_disk_1.zip
  18. What? Wow. Maybe they found a few in the back room. lol
  19. App for iPAD on px5s

    I think you mean the Midi Designer app. There are layouts for the PX-5S. http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/288-privia-px-5s-midi-designer-layouts-iphone-and-ipad/
  20. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    Here is a really good question for everyone. How much would you be willing to pay for your dream Casio?
  21. Wrong tone when turning on the piano

    It's been said they do it for a reason. If a user moves a mod wheel with no effect, they may think the wheel is defective. Likewise, most tones play a sound on every key, even if the real instrument can't produce the full range of notes itself. Users may think silent keys are faulty. The modulation wheel enabled by default has led quite a few new users to ask questions and discover something they may have otherwise overlooked, learning something new.....which is always a good thing. Maybe they should bring back the arrow on the wheel in addition to the manual entry. Alos note, piano sounds with vibrato have been used in popular music (the intro of "Hanson - This Time Around" is one example). Add a little mod wheel to concert grand and you get a very convincing piano sound heard on that record.
  22. Wrong tone when turning on the piano

    That is indeed the grand piano tone, but with the vibrato effect applied. Your modulation wheel needs to be in the full down position, not centered like the pitch bender wheel. That is the correct "home" position for modulation wheels. That will remove the vibrato effect.
  23. Import sounds from Roland sound module

    It's not possible to load sounds from another model keyboard into XW-P1 memory.
  24. Px5s and virtual piano for ipad

    You don't mention what you use to connect MIDI to your iPad. There are a few ways to do it.
  25. Loading midi files into PX560

    Do you mean upper and lower tones are silent?