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  1. Headphone and line out and noisy keys

    Use low impedance headphones, under 70 ohms. Otherwise, build that headphone amp you talked about. ☺
  2. Version 1.0.0


    These are two variations of factory tones designed to fit more easily into a mix. The volume differences between quiet and loud are not as wide, allowing easier blending when a more consistent volume level is desired. Concert Grand 2 brings a new EQ setting to the piano, plus a reduced dynamic range Finger Bass 5 brings reduced dynamic range and faster decay time
  3. Sampling sustained sounds

    That's a big NO.
  4. Here's the excerpt from the manual: You can use eight AA-size batteries for power. · Use alkaline batteries.​ Never use oxyride or any other nickel based batteries. I've read some discussion about this elsewhere. It seems that the manual is ruling out the use of rechargeable batteries.
  5. Sampling sustained sounds

    While you are editing the samples that you'll be dropping into the MZX Sample Manager, set loop points using your DAW software. The MZ will obey those loop points later when the tone is loaded. Beware that not all audio editing software will embed wave file loop markers for export. Wavosaur is one free app that can create loops the MZ will recognize.
  6. Version


    This is my take on the distorted organ/synthy sound heard in the song Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys. Try all versions. Let me know what you think in the comments. Version 2 is my pick for the song. I added portamento for version 3 since the sound is kinda synthy and reminds me of the XW solo synth.
  7. Gold On The Ceiling - Black Keys (Organ Hex Tone)

    I assume you mean a tone that can be used on other channels besides 1 or 2. No, because hex layer is the only way I could layer these sounds as one tone.
  8. Auto Accompany list

  9. Some new waves were added in a firmware update early on, changing the list of waves by number. It's likely related to that. The wave number which was white noise is probably now the number for sawtooth, causing the name to display incorrectly but still sound like the original design with white noise. It's been years since I looked at the old list compared to the new, so that's my best recollection.
  10. Is there a difference between 560 and 560M

    PX-560M is the full model name. Sometimes the M is dropped when typing it, but they are the same.
  11. I'm not sure what's going on there. I'll try to find out something.
  12. Shine on you crazy....

    First few seconds of this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SqFPNTBnv8 Synth strings 1. Make sure to hit the correct keys needed for that big G minor chord. It spans several octaves. Use octave buttons. Edit the tone for a little slower attack and release and lower cutoff a little for less synthy sound.
  13. MT-640 Questions

    Welcome to the forums! Yes there were many models with that sound engine. Here is a video Casio shipped with some CT series Tone Bank models in 1989. You'll hear some sounds from the MT-640.
  14. swell, volume, expression PX5s

    Technically both pedal inputs can do volume. It's just that they are based on a switch type pedal that triggers a volume swell or dip rather than a continuous control. As for your original question, of course an analog volume pedal can be inserted between the PX and amp, just keep in mind that a setup like that will control volume for everything, not just one layer of sounds.
  15. PX-560 Tutorials

    Yes. Nearly all of that will apply to the MZ series. The MZ series adds more features so think of these as "the basics".
  16. The CT-X range!

    As soon as they become available I will add them to the pinned topic for manuals. Keep checking it for updates. Manuals in Japanese were just released so it's only a matter of time before they finish the English versions.
  17. Mixer bugs?

    Ahh yes. That was corrected in one of the early firmware updates.
  18. Mixer bugs?

    Can you elaborate?
  19. CTX-700 demo posted by Mike Martin

    Genius video and product on so many levels. Why would any keyboard player not want one of these? If all you did was play the grand piano sound or EP as a portable jam session instrument, it's well worth the low price. But it has way more than that for being creative beyond belief. You could hook this up to a DAW and lay down some really impressive recordings with this. And, portamento at $175.....wow.
  20. PX-5S MIDI Output & Zones

    Please start another topic for your question.
  21. Alternate Power

    It can't be powered from USB. Do you have AA batteries to put in the PX-5S? That's probably the easiest.
  22. MZX Series Manuals Combined

    Thanks for your help Rick. I've split your post into another topic so anyone can reply to this if they want to add anything.. I've added a link to this topic in the pinned post. I've locked that thread so it doesn't turn into a discussion thread, becoming unorganized.
  23. Tuning the XWP1

    Did you try resetting the transpose buttons?
  24. Can ZTN tone files be imported?

    CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 have tone editing and user tone memory. Tone data is only compatible between those models. CT-X700 and CT-X800 do not have tone editing or user tone memory, new tones cannot be imported. Here is the compatibility page: http://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1798
  25. I wanna say the arpeggiators will only respond to keys being played. You could play the keys to trigger the arpeggiator and record those arpeggio patterns into the DAW. It would then play back what the arpeggiator did. Just a thought.