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  1. Anyone have a Stage Setting they use for this? Browsed the downloads and didn't see it...thanks!
  2. Yamaha CP30 sounds on PX-5S?

    Has anyone tried to model this? Does anyone actually own or have access to one? Have watched Youtube videos. Unique sound that appeared on many tracks in the late 70's/early 80's. Interesting set up with the two tone banks that could be separately pitch adjusted. Also had functions for tremolo and variable decay. Betting this could be replicated quite well on the PX 5S.
  3. Top Rig Drawbar Control

    Pin, just a little more info on this. Been a while since I set this up for my Nord so I just rechecked. Since you have six sliders which can control a maximum of two things each, you need to set this up with three sliders controlling one drawer each and three sliders controlling two drawbars each if you choose to use only sliders. It limits your flexibility but I was and am not a sophisticated enough B3 player that it really bothered me. If it is a problem, you could use the knobs or set up different stage settings with different combinations of dual drawbar control for different songs. Also, a further hint on how to prevent the PX keys from triggering notes on the Kurz without blocking the MIDI data from the sliders controlling the drawbars...you need to use two zones. Let me know if you get stuck and I'll help. JJ
  4. Top Rig Drawbar Control

    Yes...doable. Go to your favorite piano Stage Setting and then following the procedures to edit the slider & knob assignments. Get a list of the CC numbers for the Kurz drawbars because that is what you are going to want to change the assignments to (either in your Kurz manual or I found them on line very easily). I'm guessing you want to use the sliders to control the drawbars...limitation is there are nine drawbars but only six sliders on the PX...couple of options. You can use knobs to control the extra three drawbars or you can double up control of the three extra drawbars with three others as each slider (and knob too) can be assigned to two things...that's my approach. You will also want to reverse the max and min settings so 127 is the min and 0 the max...this way the sliders increase volume when you pull them down just like typical organ drawbars. Final thing is...do you plan play the Kurz from the PX or do you want to play the piano on the PX keyboard and the organ on the Kurz? If the latter, you need to stop MIDI note data going from the PX to the Kurz....I'll let you figure out how to do that...good way to learn the architecture of the PX. Enjoy!
  5. The more perfect horn section

    Hey Sky...not really active in that band anymore but you'll be glad to know the reason we thought about preparing for a hornless gig was because the horn section floated with a few bands and was booked on some occasions. See from another post you're from Detroit. I grew up in SCS. You know my friend Tony Ruda? Amazing pianist...mostly jazz these days but has done a few gigs with Salem Witchcraft over the past few years.
  6. 6 Draw OrgJJ



    I think the 6 Draw organ that was added in the updated factory set was a good step forward in getting a pretty authentic raw clone wheel sound out of the PX-5S. Nonetheless, I have been struggling with the shrillness of the setting especially in the upper ranges. Using my red-colored clonewheel as a model, I have rebalanced the sound through a combination of key follow, relative drawbar maximum value and EQ adjustments to arrive at a sound that IMO is more balanced and definitely closer to that of my clonewheel. This file has the DSP Leslie off (DSP on [through]) as I use a Hammond Leslie outboard pedal as opposed to the internal sim. Other than that, everything else has the same function as the factory setting.
  7. Pedal 1 Not Activating Rotary Effect

    rock, this is similar to the issue I just described in my "Sky Full of Stars" post. Go to the effects section on the left, press the DSP button and see what it says the effect is for that Stage Setting. If it does not say Drive Rotary or Rotary there, then the Speed option will not be available for the pedal assignments. Basically it appears the Stage Setting DSP is the one that controls the assignment options for controllers not the Tone DSP. Yes, a strange bit of architecture...but I guarantee you, if you are a sound geek who likes to getting into nitty gritty, there is nothing better than this keyboard. The level of detailed parameters to manipulate is unbelievable. It's like a fun puzzle every time I try to figure something out and only rarely have I not eventually found a way.
  8. A Sky Full of Stars

    Thanks for the ideas Brad. Option 1 won't work for me due to real time issues. Will try Option 2. Working with the DSP LFO Wah at a very slow speed (000 or 001) to see if I can get close. I may also try using two stage settings and the pedal to toggle between them. Update: so taking Brad's suggestion in a little different direction, I thought I might be able to just use a modified version of the clav wah effect by switching it to toggle and slowing the transition. Worked extremely well on the clav but kept disappearing when I substituted a piano tone for the clav. Then I noticed that the target options for the pedals are not the same for the piano and the clav. There is no [Wah Manual] target option for the pedals with a piano tone....an EQ modification option is in its place...strange architectural feature. Any way to get the Wah Manual pedal target option with a piano tone? Further Update: Think I figured this out. The choices you have for assigning controllers to certain things change based upon the DSP you have selected for a Stage Setting. What I have able to do then is take a basic piano stage setting, assign the DSP to LFO Wah, adjust the parameters then assign a pedal to modify the "Manual" parameter of the LFO Wah. I set the pedal to Toggle, not Momentary so I don't have to hold it down, but then, as Brad suggested, I slowed the on/off pedal envelope way down so the transition from wahed (filtered) to unwahed is very gradual and you can reverse an ongoing transition at any point by hitting the pedal. Works very nicely. Just wanted to add that it's hard to believe it's been two years since the PX-5S was released. While it is rightfully being recognized as a great keyboard today, I believe as the years pass that it will take its place among the greatest keyboards of all time and will have a healthy "cult" following by the next generation of keyboardists. I plan to hold mine...could be a good investment.
  9. A Sky Full of Stars

    Was playing around trying to capture the slow filtering effect on the acoustic piano sound at the beginning of this song. I am sure it was done with outboard equipment in the studio but hoping to get something like it using the PX-5S alone, Tried using the LFO on the tone but it only works if you hold notes down. Any ideas how capture this slow filtering effect while playing this two handed riff without manually manipulating a slider or knob? Haven't gotten to all the synth layers that work there way into this as the song progresses...would be a monster stage setting to capture most of these...but first things first.
  10. The more perfect horn section

    Happy to help someone from Bad Axe (I grew up in St. Clair Shores).
  11. The more perfect horn section

    Darin, this was the thread.
  12. Dave Weiser's New Piano Presets!

    Darin, greetings from a spirit of the days of the PX-5S past. First, thank you for picking up the effort to create multi-sound song ready stage settings. I've been away from my PX-5S for a couple months (I have had a PX-150 to keep me company in the meantime) but I look forward to trying them out when I get back to it. Re trying to create a setting to capture the Chicago horns sounds, check out a thread on page 11 of this forum called "The More Perfect Horn Section". Tried to copy a link into here but was not having any success so sorry to send you on a hunt. JJ
  13. Trouble downloading 1.13

    Never mind. Not sure how it cleared itself up but after some processing time the contents appeared in the compressed folder and I was able to extract the BIN file. Will try to load it now.
  14. Trouble downloading 1.13

    I downloaded from the 1.13 link and it placed an empty compressed folder and a PART file outside the folder. There was nothing to extract to get to the BIN file.