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  1. Problem with PX3 "split" function

    By one button I mean I still cannot get the #5 "button" to save anything....all the others work fine.
  2. Quick Survey

    I use a Samsung Tab 2 7.0....I have Band In A Box so I can make my own tracks (WAV, mp3 etc)....also BIAB will open my downloaded MIDI files and I can can edit the MIDIs in BIAB and then convert them to mp3 and then load them into my Tab 2.0....I have been doing this for a year now, works fine for me. I do a lot of solo keyboard gigs...most of my tracks are pretty lean (bass&drums) but I do use guitar, strings, and/or horns on some tracks. I don't want it to sound like a karaoke show....so as I say, I keep the tracks pretty minimal.
  3. Problem with PX3 "split" function

    Thanks Joe and HappyRat1 for your replies to my post....I was not configured for getting your PM or email sends....should be OK now. I have my PX3s working OK again with the split point/save on all presets holding except for one button....no matter what I do it just won't hold anything....but the rest are holding whatever I put in them. So,not perfect, but gig functional. Thanks again for your comments.
  4. Problem with PX3 "split" function

    What is the link to the PX 3 topic area please......
  5. Problem with PX3 "split" function

    HappyRat1: Thanks again for the info....I spent over an hour today with my owners manual trying to get the "split" to work....I have used the function many times in the past, never had any problems. I have four Casio service centers with 2 hours of my home so I will be calling them today for any input from them and for rates and time frame to repair.
  6. Quick Survey

    No IPAD but I am using a Samsung Tab 2 7.0 for backing tracks with my PX3.
  7. Problem with PX3 "split" function

    I posted earlier about having a probem with my PX3 and losing my saved registrations. I reset the board to "factory default" and everything seems to working except the split function. One problem is in setting the split point...I lowered it to "C 3" but it won't hold there. It always reverts back the the F# default setting. I can save tones on the registration buttons 1 thru 8 and they are holding but I can't make a split or layer and save them because as I said, the split function is not working properly. When I turn on the split button I get no tones on the left side of the split. Any suggestions on this latest problem?
  8. Internal battery for PX 3

    HappyRat....thanks for the info. I did not think that the PX3 had a battery. I did a gig yesterday at a funky bar and that is where the breakdown happened. I am thinking that the venue may have had "bad power"....the AC wiring looked homemade. I know this bad power has been a topic on some of the other keyboard forums. I'll do the factory re-set and see what happens. Again, thanks for the info.
  9. Internal battery for PX 3

    Does the PX3 have an internal battery that needs to be replaced? I have had my board for almost three years....today when I fired it up I got a "please wait" message that lasted for a couple of minutes. I turned the unit off, then back on, and the mainscreen came up. Everything seemed to be working but all my registration pre-sets on banks 1 thru 8 were gone. Any ideas on what is wrong?
  10. Are there any other forums talking about the PX-5s? I've found Musicplayer and SynthZone. Am I missing any? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Check out the Keyboard Corner....lots of posts there on the PX-5s.