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  1. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    I've downloaded the right program not the fake one and it works perfectly, in any case for security I scanned the program folder with Bitdefender and I didn't find any suspicious malware. So download it https://www.dropbox.com/s/xldhu4xczpyoc6i/CASIO_RhythmConv%20v2.3%20modified.rar?dl=0
  2. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    I've found the same macro translated into english go to visit http://musickeyboardtrick.blogspot.it/2014/09/casio-rhytim-converter.html?m=1#.VMgDuNKG-s_ Here is the video tutorial http://youtu.be/0JTjpSgtSBU Works fine Bye
  3. Rhythm Conversion: Yamaha to Casio

    Many thanks Fletcher your rhythm converter works very fine! Just tryed today. Bye
  4. I've tried the MIDI Connection Center, it works very well!
  5. I'll try it nex week many thanks for the info!
  6. I' made a style using Anvil Studio, it works, I named the 11th marker "End" and transformed in .ckf as written in this forum, somewhere, then I imported in my WK 7500. In Anvil Studio markers are called cues. Bye
  7. markers

    I was guessing that, but I didn't have time to try it. Anyway many thanks. PS: How I have to call the 11th marker to be suitable for Casio? The other 10 markers are explained in a tutorial but not the 11th one not at all. Many thanks in advance
  8. markers

    I've noticed that importing some Yamaha stiles on Anvil Studio, may be somebody has an answer!
  9. I confirm that not all .sty file can be converted into .ckf, is there anybody knows which is the problem?
  10. markers

    Today it was raining! Anyway!. Watch the screen shot, I attached: I renamed the pattern Ragtime from .sty to .mid, loaded into Anvil Studio, as you can watch the program has found the markers (cues), very easy. Then you can edit and import as Midi file into Casio converter. May be you can change the markers name with the Casio ones, but I' try it next time Bye
  11. markers

    I tryed, it works on Anvil Studio and you see the markers(called cue). Normally for that I'm using sty to ckf converter, I must check which is the best way. Bye
  12. markers

    Thanks, I was guessing that cue was similar to marker but I wasn't sure, now I'm gonna try it asap next days. Sorry if I posted my message in a wrong forum. Bye
  13. I didn't find any suggestion on Anvil Studio. Bye