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  1. PX350 Problems with piano sustain noise

    I had a PX-350 for two years and played it live in a five piece band with the PX going through a Peavey KB60 and then into the PA and never encountered this ?
  2. Problem with touch response on 1 key

    This seems to be a recurring problem on Casio pianos. I`m glad you seem to have sorted it because even Casio couldn't sort mine out. I had a PX-330 ( under warranty ) which developed a horrible rasping sounding middle D that stood out a mile from all the other notes , no matter what tone was selected, but was hideous when playing piano. I even played it to a Casio engineer over the phone who agreed that it wasn't right . Casio took the unit back for repair, but when I got it back it was still there loud and clear, to Casio`s credit they then shipped me a brand new PX-330 as a replacement with a full three year guarantee . But I sold it as brand new and purchased a then new to the UK PX-350 ,Casio didn't have any in stock, their entire UK assignment had been snapped up ! I did manage to find one from a high street music retailer. I have just sold that piano too, but in 2 years hadn't had any kind of problem so perhaps Casio have identified the problem ?
  3. Need Factory Reset for Privia PX 850

    Not sure on the PX850 but on a PX350 you power off the piano then while holding down both the GMtones and the function button power up the unit, it then resets the board to factory settings, you could try this ?
  4. Adapter.

    No irony there. Get a genuine Apple CCK .
  5. God! where to start?

    Then let's have a skilled programmer stick some of their programming up for downloading. I put out a challenge a while ago to see if someone could recreate the synth organ intro on the who's Wont get Fooled Again.. Nothing including my own effort sounded like those recreated by other boards on You Tube or the orginal. You have taken my post out of context too Scott, I also said it would be a massive selling point for the XW series if " a skilled programmer" put up recreations of the hits on You Tube, I've yet to see a single presentation featuring a XW synth doing his , and this surely would be a massive sales boost ? So let's try a simple one OMD,s Enola Gay XW style and how you did it ? Anyone ?
  6. God! where to start?

    I think Casio need to release a libary of patches even if you have to purchase them for the XW series. Roland & Yamaha do some come on Casio ? As a keyboard player in a covers band I can see where rockitman is coming from.
  7. God! where to start?

    I don't like to say it, but this synth is NOT really for people like myself and like you who play in covers bands. I too was hoping to recreate some great classic synth sounds from the hits, but this machine is very poor at doing that. It's great for taking one of its PCM tones and tweaking here and there and adding layers effects and making lots of new weird and wonderful sounds...But as for recreating those classic hits ? forget it. There is a video on You Tube of OMDs Andy McCluskey recreating the classic synth sound of Enola Gay ( a track we play in my band ) He is doing this using Logic by the looks of it, he says it's just a cheap organ, layered with piano and reverbs added, I can't get anywhere near it. For me, I now mainly use my XW as a second instrument, ie utilising the organs and using a couple of acceptable PCM synth tones. I have recreated a handful of " tones" that I can just about get away with but they are nowhere near some of the recreations that are made to look so simple on You Tube. I've said it before, if the likes Of Mike Martin did a you tube demo on the XW recreating classic synth sounds from the hits, Casio wouldn't be able to keep up with demand.
  8. Phrase sequencer

    I've been digging into the phrase sequencer..Amazing feature and theres some really tasty and well known phrases in the pre sets..Ie Sweet Dreams/ Eurthymics . We play some real eighties synth style stuff in my band and as we know a lot of that stuff is so multi tracked and layered, but the phrase sequencer has come in real handy for repetitive synth riffs, which as enabled me to play a layer over the top.
  9. Dakota

    Version ZPF


    THE STEREOPHONICS - DAKOTA Performance mode patch for the XW-P1 First zone C1 to E3 is the main synth ( play the keys hard to get proper piano effect) and Zone two F3 to C6 is the second synth part.
  10. Dakota

    File Name: Dakota File Submitter: Bigmark File Submitted: 11 Apr 2014 File Category: XW-P1 THE STEREOPHONICS - DAKOTA Performance mode patch for the XW-P1 First zone C1 to E3 is the main synth ( play the keys hard to get proper piano effect) and Zone two F3 to C6 is the second synth part. Click here to download this file
  11. Quickly adding a layer ?

    Thanks for that Maarkr It suddenly twigged what I was trying to achieve. What I wanted was a layered zone in one part and single tone in zone 2. I did this by assigning two tones and making the entire Key bed zone one and two. Then I assigned zone 3 from middle F . Getting to know this machine slowly but surely . Thanks for your help it is much appreciated .
  12. Quickly adding a layer ?

    How do you quickly add a layer or dual sound on a XW ? Say for example you wanted to put a piano on top of a solo synth tone ? Or piano with strings ( yes I know there is a tone for this it's just an example) On my PX-350 it's just a matter of of holding the selected tone button down and Layer comes up on the screen and you then select a second tone to layer on top. With the XW P-1 being a performance synth there must be a quick way of doing this on the fly ?
  13. Arpeggios in split performance mode ?

    No worries I Sussed it.
  14. I've created a two zone performance patch,with a synth on the left zone and a piano on the right. I want the left zone to have an arpeggio and the right zone with no arpeggio . I can't for the life of me get it to work , it's either or neither ? What am I doing wrong ?
  15. Arpeggios !

    Cheers Brett. I had the same trouble playing your G1 patch on the P1 ? Yep, I auditioned the presets and actually used a drawbar organ with wah , then took the wah rate back and increased the 8 beat arpeggio ( arp P 4-4) to 138 bpm if I remember correctly. I watch a guy playing won't get fooled on you tube on a Farisa organ using a Behringer Ultra Tremelo pedal. I borrowed a Danelectro Trem pedal off of one of the guys in my band and although it was pretty good It gave me the idea for my patch. I have to say though the built in DSP Trem is pants ! We gigged " won't get fooled" last night and my patch actually sounded very good, the lads in the band loved it ! My next quest is the synth sound on Muses " Uprising" now there is a challenge ! Anyway great stuff from you many thanks for your time in trying to recreate the patch.