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  1. Turn off midi send from PX5

    Sorry Im late getting bak 2 u guys..busy..Thank you, I will try the stage setting thing.
  2. Is this possible?

    Hi, I want to set 2 sounds, say zone 1 Rhoads, zone 2 Brass..Both set full length of the board. I want to play the rhoads sound , and mabey with a slider bring in the brass sound. Basically Id be playing the rhoads as my main sound and bring in the brass for lines. Can I do this n if so how? Thanks.
  3. Turn off midi send from PX5

    Does not completely turn it off. Programs 0 thru 4 r ok, but when I press 5 it always changes the sound on the module. Does anyone know if the 5 is capable of doing what I want? I may have to go into the module and do this, but if the 5 is able to perform like the main board in a rig, it should be able to do this. Its not that hard.
  4. Turn off midi send from PX5

    OK Scott, Im pretty sure its set to off but I will check again. Actually I hope that this would work, as it didnt when I 1st tried it. This used to be a simple thing on older boards. Thank you.
  5. Turn off midi send from PX5

    Thx, tired that, think its set as default. At any rate, she no work.
  6. Sounds

    Will do, thank you mucho.
  7. Ive asked this b4, have done everything thats been recmd.. Still, using a module, when I press certain buttons on the 5 it changes tones on the module. Is there ANY way to simply use a module, be able to press buttons, say sounds on the 5 and NOT change the program on the module? I thought this would be a simple thing to do, Am Im missing something???, please set me straight. I would like to use some of the sounds on the 5 and mix them w/my module, but so far, it aint letting me do that. Especially the sound buttons 5 thru 9, buttons 0 thru 4 theres no problem. Im almost ready to move sounds to banks 0 thru 4, but then again, why should I have to do that w/a modern keyboard? Its even easy on my px3. Thanks in advance.
  8. Sounds

    No one has anything like this? Is there anywhere else to find sounds for this box?
  9. Sounds

    Hello, Ive been updating my 5, havent used it in awhile. Ive found some good tones in the downloads section, Nord Piano is very nice. Im looking for sounds like brassy OB sounds commonly used in fusion music awhile back. Sounds I could comp with. I think u may know what Im looking for when I say Brassy OB. Wouldnt mind finding some Mini Moog sounds also. I see there are some but they arent for the px5. If anyone knows where I may find some of these, Id appt it. Im sure the 5 is capable. Then again, if Casio put in a 1 GB or larger piano sound we wouldnt be having this discussion. Thanks for your help.
  10. Need help w/my PX5

    I dloaded thie file on a PC. What kind of sounds are in the allfile? I put a few sounds in this about a year ago. I would probably have to save the ones I like as the allfile will overwrite everything.
  11. Need help w/my PX5

    Thanks fella's..Im going to try a different thumb drive, when I hit the media button, I get a no file message, could be the drive.
  12. Need help w/my PX5

    Hello, I have a PX5 and have a few questions. Please note, that I use AP on my gigs, and am starting to use the PX5 on certain situations, so excuse my lack of knowledge and procedure with this machine. First, I got this awhile ago, I have only updated the firmware once, so I think its at V 1.2 or something, its not in front of me. I want to load new sounds, like the new eoads mark amp. What version firmware do I need to bump up to to load .zpf files? Why is the ALL File a .ZAL file? And can I load this with the firmware version Im at?? Im thinking I should update the firmware version to the present V1.13 ??, then do the ALL FILE if the sounds r that much better, then add the roads mark amp???? Im looking for instruction on how to properly do these things, and the order in which I should do them, so I would greatly appt any help and guidance I can get here. Thank you, greatly appt for your time and help. A.
  13. Hello..Can u tell me please: What firmware update do I need to install & load sounds ending in .ZPF and ..ZTN?? Also, when u do a firmware update, does it wipe out any new sounds or setups done under the previous update? I havent updated this in awhile, so I may at 1.1 or 1.2 tops. Appt your answers.
  14. Can I rely on a Privia PX-5s?

    The white's never bothered me, although Ive had the urge to remove the Casio name and put Maytag on it. But that comes from people asking me what it is. It does say Casio on the front. Stay light on the feet and keep good houmer...humer...huomer...humor.
  15. URGENT Q: re gig bag size

    Im not sure a bag comes with the 5. I use my PX3 bag, fits perfect. Got the bag at a Sam Ash in Lauderdale.