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  1. Thanks for the advice! Just ordered it, I'll let you know how it works out.
  2. Hi, I was planning to get the focusrite itrack dock as a midi & audio interface to connect my XW-G1 with my ipad mini. The dock needs a USB compliant device, but the G1 is not listed on the tested devices list.. Anyone tested this yet? I'ld like to use the keys of the XW-G1 to control animoog, sync with the ipad over usb midi and sync the XW-G1 to my Kaoss Pads over the MIDI out of the XW. Thanks for the advice! http://global.focusrite.com/answerbase/which-usb-midi-devices-can-i-use-with-the-itrack-dock ps: this is a copy of a message i posted on the XW fb page.
  3. syncing midi clock

    I got around the problem by disabling Program Changes in the Midi Filter of the KP3. But if I want to link my effect settings in the KP3 to Perform presets, this is not an option. I'll need to have a deeper look at the midi chart of both to get this solved I guess. I didn't test the G1 in slave mode after the update..
  4. Updating the computer interface

    Travst, that sounds really great! So if this works out it would be possibIe to control many more parameters in realtime through a midi controller?
  5. syncing midi clock

    thanks, doing the fw update right now. I'll let you know if it makes a difference. I can test on thursday.
  6. syncing midi clock

    Hi, I've tried midi syncing my XW-G1 to a Kaoss Pad 3 and Kaoss Pad 2 but have some problems. Putting the G1 in slave mode doesn't work. If I set the midi clock on the KP3 and then start a sequence on the G1, nothing happens. Then I tried the opposite: I put the KP3 to slave mode and the G1 in master. Now I can get the KP3 to sync to the G1. But if I change the sound or the perform, midi also sends program changes to the KP3. My first choice would be to put the KP3 as master as it has an auto BPM which the G1 is lacking. So tips on that would be welcome. Another interesting option would be to have the G1 as master. Can I do this without sending program changes if I turn the dial? Or is this a setting I have to change on the receiving end (KP3)? Effects changes on the KP3 through the midi send of the G1 would be great if I could change it with the Perform. That would allow me to setup certain songs or grooves and link them to specific effects on the KP2 and KP3. Any suggestions?