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  1. I just noticed this funny cartoon skit it's about a year old might be posted already but hey it is funny
  2. Soon I hope, I'm house hunting cleaned up my stuff a bit hopefully find something before summer, do have a few tunes to post but not as of yet. Meanwhile regularly checking out new post though.
  3. There are people whom meet great wonderful gifted people I see two here and a very gifted artist.
  4. Giggles.
  5. I'm in, Betting its should be more like the chimes in the picture, This seems a good project to go into depths of hexlayering. Found this video, In this video noise used for the wind movement. The second is the chimes sound indicating door closing. A few idea's towards experiment with shaping the sounds. Some re-triggering and delay. Question should the chime be playable by key or a single note trigger by arpeggio like this Latin Percussion or the second one. The first should be doable me thinks.
  6. Anyone notice how the keyboards overal looks matches one to another. If the P1 had the white hue from the back it would fit the PX5S, where the MZ-X 500 matches the PX560 completely its like a complementary set.
  7. Yas (-_-;) Synth le avant garde du touch. Mean while the next in the line to become a key legend. Plays the 560 and it was something I knew right away when I played the px360 and 160 touch is great on these new keyboard. If Cory Henry comments on its even better to know Casio latest keyboard keybed feels play really good on the touch.
  8. LK keyboard got some attention (*shrugs shoulders) The CTK's have not been presented as of yet for all I know. Nord keyboard had its presence always a good showcase for performances. Behringer seems to say good bye to NAMM. *Which was better to tell after NAMM now that got more attention then Deepmind. Rolands RD stage piano has gotten a liking they've sensed the market. Yamaha has new portables and finally giving their sound market a chance. Korg Grand Stage still seems to be in the build process from what I could sense it wasn't planned to be revealed yet and the Kronos LS which at first was for the Asian market but decided to be released to all markets very curious. But still cool to show what comes ahead. You know NAMM is a merchant display kinda thing and as a consumer its pretty nice to see what coming ahead watching from the sideline. Something about all of it felt differently like *meh*. This show had no appeal then from a few like the newbie's showing their synths and other things like stage FX, Microphones etc.
  9. Yes that is what I'm saying.
  10. I disagree on that comment, Lately I've been researching what makes a demonstrator exceptional because its a craft to show the public what the product is capable of and to whom it may interest. Rich is demonstrator/sale talk person in his own way he can tell in a concise way the hows and why of the product and even live up to small details what artist / consumers usually appeal more to. Look around the way artist and amateurs like us love our keyboard pulling out everything from it in the end its music and playing that music but someone has to sell on you why its incredible and if that person does it for a 10.000 costing instrument or a 10 bucks its that tiny bit of know how that makes the sale and people like Rich and Mike in their craft have this signature thing that recognizable. I even bought a keyboard with a tube hose whatever you call it you blow in it and can play the keyboard its awesome no battery just air. But the person selling he knew how to sell it there a big crowd out there and they all listen to a good enticing sales pitch be it 4000 instrument or a toy piano. Btw I saw him in a video asking J.R what it is that make him have so many followers i'll bet he know now in the world of keyboards they are famous but know where you stand out from where that fame came from.
  11. Wasn't expecting much but secretly hoping so like everyone,In return the LK got upgraded which actually is a good thing. Namm still going but everyone holding back maybe its planned like that could be a good thing to my current gear still suffice. Performance wise i'm good to go, It seems stage piano's are getting in the spotlight Roland going strong, Korg got a curious stage piano which said to have seven sound engine like the Oasys did hmmmm. I'm thinking Casio probably planned ahead upgrading the product line I'm not betting anything to soon my list of wants to is something as an advance step sequencer that powerful enough to do lots of parameter , note , movements and what not. Looking forward to next winter namm already.
  12. Hey thanks for the video waited for some sneak peek about the LK's. Good feeling about that might get one for my nieces or nephews.
  13. I can't take it anymore why is it taking so long I saw on Instagram and Twitter something about a keyboard which is dance capable. Stage piano got a stage and they all part hybrid , Roland upped the ante on their RD's and Korg also has a stage piano with seven engine's I'm not surprised about this development seeing playing church , gigs and so on the piano sounds gets first dibs and the instrument has to be good to carry around. \ What kind of livestream are we getting this year cause all half of all the streams gets facebook attention :-|.
  14. That might as well be true Bunny Kong I'll fill that in next. Needs more power.