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  1. Casio Rant 2/16/18

    They paid you with video games let alone desirable classic games . Those tires aren't cheap you've probably paid more for labor cost.
  2. Solo Tape Tascam Album "Fountain Dew"

    I like the album cover.
  3. FM (DX) Electric Piano Presets in PX-5S

    And you can find more in the download section just look around.
  4. Phrases from Multi-function area

    I've raged about multi-key in the past and came to understand I've underestimated it's versatility. As with controls , phrases and arpeggio's the mixer and editable tones all together in a performance. The programming is due to a lack of less understanding the manual and clear preset examples. What is on the panel of the keyboard doesn't do it justice for what it can do from the inside. I'll have to redo patches which I thought off as not powerful enough alone as it would if I build it up, a loop in the sampler looper. (back to the drawing board as they say) You guys keep things sharp with an eye for those details I like that.
  5. Phrases from Multi-function area

    I stand corrected on the first part and humbly admit my error due to not correctly setting the range. it can play 1 arpeggio and 3 phrases plus the looper and step sequence. I've discovered something else about the DSP P:8-0 among a few and controls from the step sequence apparently a gated or "ducking" effect is possible within a performance using the #CC19 on the step-seq control when two notes get lowest value the next two pair highest and again while having that control assigned to channel 1.
  6. I got inspired when I coupled the PX5S together with the Roland D-05 got this nice vibe from PX5S E.p and some patch from the D-05 have to look for it cause I was playing around but I recorded the tune that got me playing directly into the PX5 and boy what a nice combo they make together as well.
  7. At the global Midi setting when pressing "sys setting". Changing "Stage Set Change" to NRPN. For each zone is standard to its equal numeral channel zone 1 = midi channel 1. This can also be changed if zone 1 must be midi channel lets say 4.
  8. I have no clue how to interpret this thread is all about but I do know one thing. I love making music after a few decades of absence. I've picked music up because I saw Casio which triggered a thought of the hey day's and got me the XW. Inspired by that I started out from ground up again having a few keyboards already but none to fully get me back I loved so much which is making music. What I learned new is making music is learning making music is by finding you're sounds, you're tools and go to instrument with just inspiration and noodle around or with a sound music theory and why not just play around having fun get groovy. Nothing seems as good you wanted it to be once you figure out you're tools, expectancy tends to get high at first but did you truly get everything out of it with as it is now. My answer was no. A tool can be used in more way's then one and the online community is a free thing to use which is awesome compared with the past with no internet. I can surely feel the love for Casio keyboard on this thread, I also know Casio keyboard players love to experiment with their instrument so I see them as sound designers by heart. And I agree with the statement that it's just the beginning. Cool things move forward.
  9. CTX series premier (NAMM 2018)

    The Fonz said eAH its expressive you know it because the recording sux but the keyboard sounds broke through good test love it.
  10. CTX series premier (NAMM 2018)

    Is there going to be a live stream also this year, Cause I just watched a sonicstate video from Nick and he was at the elektron booth which was on the opposite of Casio's booth showing a small glimpse.
  11. Has the XW-G1 been discontinued?

    The used market if you're lucky has some I found one today for 230 euro's.
  12. CTX series premier (NAMM 2018)

    Sounds attract people and when they get moving they look beyond what ever is delivering it and start moving on their own. And when they cool down and see what made it they know they can't take it back and have to move some more.
  13. CTX series premier (NAMM 2018)

    Now hold on wait a minute lets recap here. First we have those kick ass PX Piano / keyboards , Then we got the MZ X arrangers which also hit. Then the LK keyboards which you can mix four tracks to you're liking. And now we got CTX 700/3000/5000 how cool is that and a new sound engine for this range and the aim is performance , studio , home. I mean we can guess but these are nice upgrades for this time where new sounds are ruling a new vibe here. The way I see it Casio is providing a keyboard for each and every level on the moment that is growth. I wasn't expecting this much now they revealed a bit more and yes I lust a pro keyboard in addition with the goodies of hexlayers, AIR and what the XW provided as well the PX5S. But dang I don't want to jinks any other expectations if any.
  14. CTX series premier (NAMM 2018)

    Oh my gawd is this for real does it really sound like that or is it a snazzy intro (* yes I said snazzy again*).