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  1. Oh I see this gives me new insight. I've did a work around with arpeggio but kept sampling the tone also as another substitute option. But now I know about Offset and Absolute editable parameters. There are elements in the tone voices I like very much thank you I'll experiment it out on the PX5S.
  2. I was building a performance containing tone 288 and two others. Tone 288 is a VA tone with a drop and rise at the end which continuous as long as the keys are hold. I like the first segment of that tone and tried to cut the rest of by editing it and make the release long enough before that typical part comes to bit and have the release draw it short how I wanted it. But while editing that tone the release holds good on +00 to 64+ until, trying to get it short while setting value's from -00 to -64 it keeps the full play from beginning to the end of sample where I would expect the tone to be just long enough as the release to be. Nothing happens the value's only seem to work from +00 up to 64+. Is that how far editing a tone gets to be or is there a fault at work. I do have a work around containing arpeggio and step sequencer but it makes that tone monophonic which I don't want.
  3. Very I find it a great addition next to the arpeggio gives freedom of articulation and variation including the sample looper. arpeggio triggers step sequencer and multi-key makes it useful to switch phrases.
  4. xw

    This is really fresh and big music its good.
  5. Chiptune on the XW-G1 wrapped my head around it :).
  6. Thanks Gnomo Alegre , I keep being inspired. I'm always excited when you post something. Love the sonic of the combination of synths in your songs, I want to try that also your doing create sound creation making them.
  7. I record in the sample looper quiet often well actually almost anytime. The looper has a beauty to it that it can record in mono / stereo at two different rates 21khz and 42 khz . Each of these rates has different recording time the higher fidelity are thus shorter the recording at 4 sec and the lower fidelity has 9 to 19 sec longer. The sampler has lots to offer in sampling with four different modes. The manual explains what each of these do. Interesting part is which beat length to use and here the fun stuff comes I've noticed a simple groove that is catchy takes a length of 8 to do think pop, rock , latin or EDM drops etc. With a length of 16 things get going long chords as in IDM, a catchy bit of inspiration also ideal pop, rock , latin etc. With a length of 4 things speed up something like an outro ,fast break a mood built up or chiptune which are catchy repetitive quirks of sound. The tones are ideal to craft something up to start by layering sounds one by one, And once you've created a performance things get really going. Especially Super Mario or C64 chiptune song making the solo-synth is ideal as are the saw and sine tones from the tone menu. (* I'm in the process of arranging performances for the looper check the download for XW-G1 soon *)
  8. Another update the performance sounds bigger and spacier also due to the sample looper.
  9. I do notice how fast the G1 stores samples from sample memory as an ZAL file compared how it does it when its written to memory and to sdcard. A separate storage for for samples from the looper bank would be more efficient as it saves lots of task handeling time.
  10. XW - Faq list Gary had listed. But there is the Faq list and Facebook XW list something but the faq list here is more accessible.
  11. Well there is the setlist trick by using the user memory.
  12. I incline of to expectations of keyboards specifications in what the manufacturer puts in it, As long it is in front of the time to each musician needs being it pro or amateur , beginners it needs to feel and sound good and a must have recording / overdub ability without aliasing. "The shame isn't from which the instrument is from the shame is not using it to its fullest."
  13. Oh no Casio music gear on CES 2017 this year at least haven't seen nor hear anything yet. Things must be tight lipped even Formidoni is quiet. I was expecting some at Reddit but even there nothing and they mentioned it as also as if expecting something this year from the booth but seen only android wear. Aaaaaahw keeping ones hope up. Very peculiar or just as it is I'm scrounging the web to find if anything got the drops. Meanwhile Akai showed their MPC's.
  14. I've probably not been good with my XW-G1 My G1 is showing traces of random issue's the same button on the step sequencer lits up by itself and even the tap tempo wont go responsive as well octave shift. From octave C1 ,D1 stop responding and somehow bender key is wobbling. I've already reset it but still happening. Quiet sad actually I've started to get the hang of things with it ah well.
  15. Eh after a few years one knows how it works look at the Korgies , yamahachi's , rolanders and Nord players we all guessing before these big events and it been good the couple of years actually the synth and keyboard world exploded certainly after Korg did the Kronos and vintage synths where hot ... again. I got the XW-G1 when it got released before I used the Korg microstation but since before that I've not been using keyboards in lets say a decade and a half so the korg was a bit intimidating and with the Casio I gradually came up the ante. But keyboard players are playing everywhere now literally on the road and I've seen pictures of studio where an casio SA was part of the gear. Its not only keyboard players but any one any age that wants to go at it and the trend lately of smaller form factors provides the need for that space. I like the XW-G1 its good synth its light for its weight can't carry it around its to big.