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  1. So, I tested the X500...

    Have not had the chance to dig in but if its similar to XW or PX5S I'm getting an idea. Drums are not bad from any of the keyboards it just take a good eq / dsp getting them right in the mix a few presets settings of these wouldn't be bad. Like eq / dsp preset's that sets BD, Snare, hihat right. Its much more easy to do on the XW then on the PX5S. I had routed the XW once to the PX5S as to give it a Total FX at the end. Like I've done here long time ago.
  2. The latest keyboard of 2017.

    Yeah its going crazy again Roland D-05 and Vsynth combo's, Yamaha Genos all not only sounds but new possibilities. And it seems stage and studio related, also newest stomp boxes.
  3. So, I tested the X500...

    Its true while the sounds have been upgraded on the tones side the drums still lack at their bare levels. Although the MZ-X has newer samples for drums its still missing something in the mix, but for all casio keyboards as well the workstations , LK drums pretty much same except. The SA keyboards they have a different vibe at a lo-fi level which gives it a nice colour for its drum sounds. XW synths drums can be mixed at the FX level not on the EQ side of it. And the keyboard capable of sampling can have a sampled drum kit loaded in that solves things. But it would be nice if drum part got their own section for EQ to balance within total mix less muddy for that full sound, Cause drums are o.k they really need a bit more depth to perform.
  4. Casio FZ series samplers

    So you still conjured to Casio after all, Think lots of Casio users really felt a blow back then a shame really. Happy part is this forum got another win from the FZ and CZ era which the forum is rich of now. Good story btw always like how people get their roots for music back.
  5. CMF looks different today

    Ahah a complete overhaul kinda cool. So that why the mobile page was not up properly the last week.
  6. Ahah noted, Got spoiled commenting on the web so I'm a bit lazy and less selective where and how with writing correct sentences. Most people comment emotionally go into the sentences less tentative. And I went with it over time such things happen :-). But yes if he reads this a hex layers forum would be great exactly that way it doesn't matter which hex layer keyboard someone got. Same descriptive way of doing with creating a sounds would apply or techniques doing something etc. So Scott if you're reading this .
  7. Can you tell me which part is it you don't understand I can't follow that exactly when someone post it like that.
  8. For own use sampling them would be the thing to do and import them into G1 sampling format using editor. Converting midi files to phrase grooves have no conversion, However the G1 plays midi files but I don't think that what you want the use for. Maybe manually insert notes in step sequencer from favorite rhythms.
  9. Would it be a bit odd to have a thread dedicated to hexlayers might we have a poll on that.
  10. A bit of eighties rocking action style. You know me I'm a bit rough on the edges with music everything played on the go live and bare nothing pre programmed only mixed the first stage and later the lead guitar on top its the whole Casio PX5S. I used Lead Guitar from the PX5S download section which is awesome. (wish the PX5S wave recorder could do Overdub though) Enjoy :-) Oh careful with the volume.
  11. Time stretching user samples

    Pitch modification yes , Time stretching no it doesn't do that but you could cross-fade samples using the solo synth touch sense.
  12. Since winter nam and summer nam things you might thought have been quiet. But Actually hype and fandom have been hushed a little by the great unknown, Which was a good thing to much excitement can kill interest or total perspective on something. There is always room for better new and latest to create music and wow a public with tunes being it professional , amateur or bedroom noodler "( cough like me )" . I can only say Roland came with a few new ones on their boutique series, compact portable instruments that really speaks to this time. Modular synths also had a few interesting releases, Also a few controller keyboards still in experiment fase but interesting enough to see through like the Synton. Korg has revealed their Grand Stage with seven engine's But the one that quietly surprised me was a Dexibell maybe its the name or the though that its a keyboard in the unknown grey area but they actually came up with a keyboard that sounds pretty darn sweet, Dexibell combo J7 organ sounds luscious, Don't know much about this one but it certainly one to have a look at from dexibell.
  13. Curious as I am I've browsed through Casio global site for europe. http://www.casio-europe.com/nl/ and http://www.casio.com/home/ as it been very a while visiting them looking at the total overhaul it have gotten since then. I've noticed nothing is mentioned about synthesizer anymore specifically except at casio music gear with pictures of the XW but we all know the XW have been out for almost a year and a half If you're lucky to still find one. And curiously hexlayers have taken place as a form of synthesis and that ok. The only thing is we have different hexlayers of several keyboards and they are not compatible with each other. As the MZ has made its introduction where looking at yet another hexlayer powerhouse also not a bad thing, although to me it seems a repetition to what the XW G1 - P1 where. One with 'this' and the other quiet not also not a bad thing. I've figured meh its the business of things for Casio deciding the music part of its industries going that way but I'm interested in synthesis if it means anything to what a keyboard gives you to do so. If I can spend time with hexlayer synthesis from now then I'm all open arms and know I'm proud of my Casio synths and thus rather have synthesis mentioned at all time.
  14. Dave Jones

    ??? Wrong thread , as well clueless header. Try again in the MZ 300 /500 thread or search for this problem in this forum search bar. Don't take it the wrong way even if you're language differ or age its pretty simple to figure this forum out.
  15. Yearning for Something New

    I'm with you guy's on that, I've expanded on a few more keyboards such as the JD-Xi, But I always see myself gravitating back to the XW it has more production and creativity hours on it then all the others, even the software ones. I'm to lazy to write sum so I'll do it by releasing all files sooner or later. Since house hunting been on a hold I got some time to spend.