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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A relaxation pad that guide through the Himalaya's for a peaceful meditative atmosphere.
  2. Himalaya View File A relaxation pad that guide through the Himalaya's for a peaceful meditative atmosphere. Submitter XW-Addict Submitted 06/05/2017 Category Miscellaneous  
  3. I like how you go at it its clearly you have more experience working ethos going about it and are more on the right track then I where, Please don't get me wrong I use the sampler in a lazy way to avoid the in depth programming of the keyboard knowing it would make it sound so much nicer as you've have done and Mike and Bradmz. Truly as you also said as a performer keyboard it shines also at best when combined with other gear so the point of also clearly there. I've gotten very interested now and yes the attack soften the sound mostly I've noticed , the snappy part only appeared with combination of certain tones or layering the same tones sometimes.
  4. Totally with Jokeyman123 on this one, The XW is a single performance keyboard if you ask to much its simply won't. I've made performances using everything on the keyboard and it couldn't take it. That when I realize any performance or component part should be considered at how to partake it in musical performance, either solosynth with ... or performance with ... and how much of altered tones to use which effects and how. Its part of the learning process the reason I limit extensive performances and record them in the sample looper. Somewhat of a musical challenger keyboard but capable getting down to a good sound.
  5. That is correct, the Modes effect what you can alter in the mixer it can alter step sequence each part of the step sequence , in the mix by creating several performance assigning #CC to the knobs and then saving the sequence. With the beauty all effects or changes made remained is pretty cool.
  6. There are some missing elements that would have made it even greater, Still can only add I'm having fun with the XW in the years it's profiled itself as a single part performance keyboard. I wasn't feeling it in the beginning. Actually to me the sampler in the G1 saved it a little. edit *(actually to do what I'm doing with the sampler without it I would need four XW Hybrid engines each with its own performance to do the same thing ) *
  7. Found some time for the PX5S playing music still best relief for energy and everything else I'm exploring further and quiet still late into the PX5S powerhouse four dsp , arpeggio / phrases like wow.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Manage to create a chime sound for PX5S. Hope the upload done successful and in the right category, please anyone let me now.
  9. CHIME View File Manage to create a chime sound for PX5S. Hope the upload done successful and in the right category, please anyone let me now. Submitter XW-Addict Submitted 05/06/2017 Category Strings, Brass and Orchestral  
  10. I've manage to create some chime like, it took some time to figure out using Illuminence as templates, instead of re-inventing the wheel but it sounds awesome chime like :D.
  11. I just noticed this funny cartoon skit it's about a year old might be posted already but hey it is funny
  12. Soon I hope, I'm house hunting cleaned up my stuff a bit hopefully find something before summer, do have a few tunes to post but not as of yet. Meanwhile regularly checking out new post though.
  13. There are people whom meet great wonderful gifted people I see two here and a very gifted artist.
  14. Giggles.
  15. I'm in, Betting its should be more like the chimes in the picture, This seems a good project to go into depths of hexlayering. Found this video, In this video noise used for the wind movement. The second is the chimes sound indicating door closing. A few idea's towards experiment with shaping the sounds. Some re-triggering and delay. Question should the chime be playable by key or a single note trigger by arpeggio like this Latin Percussion or the second one. The first should be doable me thinks.