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  1. I've found this android Midi_arranger app and hooked it to the PX5S. For anyone interested I recommend to try it out. Although it isn't released officially still in beta . It works pretty much self explanatory there are panels and scenes and edit piano roll to enter notes manual or through midi. ones you've set the channels and instruments on the app or px5s you can jam and rock on. I use it as a drum computer so I can use the four zones for hex and tones. give it a try if you're looking for an arranger app.
  2. CTK-711EX = CTK-1000 synth with built-in floppy drive?!

    Bulky indeed lots of wasted space but the design is good.
  3. Its been something like two weeks ago since I've noticed it I couldn't believe my eyes, But after a week has passed it became true there it was the XW-P1 and Thomann is selling them again after a long absent that could mean they might do the G1 also which I favor but.....Will I settle with the P1 with its step sequencer as an extra addition. So here I'm piercing the site like an eagle if a chance happen or perhaps do a quick order but winter NAMM is so close and the GAS feeling is starting to overwhelm me .
  4. Well someone ...... .. Maybe I should have stayed quiet about that one, you know keeping it to myself
  5. To my surprise and long indecisiveness the XW-P1 at Thomann got sold out I wasn't expecting that less then two weeks. .
  6. Phrases from Multi-function area

    I know what you mean its a bit peculiar it all depends on the range setting but both phrases will not be available at ones.
  7. Phrases from Multi-function area

    You know I never tried it until now. 1 : No Phrase 1 and 2 can't be played at the same time. Because Multi-key range go's from C5 to C7 it only appoints one phrase. Say if I chose the full range I'll get Phrase 1 but you wont have phrase 2 available. But this the thing if I set the range for multi-key from C6 to C7 phrase 2 gets available. 2 : Either one available by range can points to part 1 and its own specific part . But range dependent you only get either one phrase to play its own part Phrs1 = part 5, Phrs2 = part 6. 3 : Yes in that case multi-key can be set to have a phrase be triggered and you can also do the phrase on the panel by play/stop plus you can key-play the panel phrase and have multi-key phrase either keeps playing or triggers a phrase then stop. If multi-key phrase play's continuously another key gets set to phrase-stop so the loop can end. 4 : No but you can set key-shift value for the phrase this go's from -127 to +127.
  8. I've tried it with Seq organ P:19 and phaser DSP with a bit of editing towards that ping pong effect. And used arpeggio pattern 04 skip up or 05 skip down, Could not figure out that one might be better to do a new pattern. Could have layered the organ with another seq tone and course tune them to get that specific sound. Phaser works well to do a layer with and flanger on the other or also a phaser to have them do that snappy sound
  9. I went further in search of an XW G1 and found one on Amazon.de that germany closest by. Almost fainted when I saw the price they've asked until I realized it came directly from japan. A used or blemished one cost half the price.
  10. XW-G1 Trombone+Trumpet User Wave .ZWT file

    You could use audacity to work out the kinks in you're samples and then import those samples back into the sample editor to tweak and tune them appropriate this is one of my working flow. I'll then edit them further using the edit menu for samples when I've imported them in the keyboard.
  11. Haha that was my first thought on that. Thomann own secret vault
  12. Android Music Creation Software.

    Sorry I don't click at dubieus named links but if you're human and interested all can be find on android.
  13. I'm a bit late on reacting had some internet issue's. But I can read you already have studio experience so it should be easy to find the right keyboard You've ask for accompaniment , sequencer and a sampler as you're a guitar player recording riffs and using it in you're song either trigger from the pads or sequencer. You're choice of DAW lets you do what you want and as you are proficient in that also. Still you're choice and time with making it happen.
  14. Please quoting me on that might bite me later if I'm off on that and to expand on what I wrote, I've happily took the compromises that comes with the particular keyboard I play with and it pay's to spend time on them for that wanted sound its the experience that count's.
  15. Just that there won't be coming any audio-interface to whatever Casio keyboard soon nor audio recording functions like overdub to existing wav records (not sampling). Its been a topic since the XW arrived and later on with the PX's and with the revealing of the MZ it wasn't their neither. And with the memory available to PX and MZ keyboard chances are very slim for the next keyboard. But and I don't mean a big one all keyboards have stereo outputs if you're lucky with an mixer with a built in audio-interface or a separate audio-interface or a four track recorder that also work just as well. but the point was no audio-interface or expanded audio recording function to the existing wav recorder.
  16. Px5s and virtual piano for ipad

    In any case the PX5S is midi complaint and should play the sound of the app just so. For all the app I've purchased there isn't a single one that couldn't be played with the PX5S . Any other option is in the Midi option menu turning local of is good , you can also check if midi out select is on the preferred output as well as the midi channels, And turning on or off high res out is an option to consider. If all works well you can save it as a stage setting on a free slot.
  17. What instrument has you're interest and which genre do you prefer to play.
  18. Interesting thread, I don't want to be a buzz kill but ask silly questions and you'll get silly answers . All the wiring to a DAW doesn't necessarily guarantee good music unless the person is a versed or creative musician. One always going to find something to add which lead to GAS and no music.
  19. The Birth Of The Phoenix

    The song you're X-Men music.
  20. The Birth Of The Phoenix

    Great ........ what is it or where.
  21. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    You've hit it with missing socks. There are 3 sets of socks missing a partner in my drawer that mystery kept me in a pickle.
  22. Morning Rituals.

    Since a few weeks every working morning when I'm waking up while walking to the kitchen I also fire the PX5S up, which sits nicely in the living room near the window. It takes time for me to get into gear each morning but getting out of bed is the first step. After turning on the keyboard and either have my cup or not mostly I'll sit at the couch with the radio on my favorite classic channel it turns on at a , specific time and while I do not consciously completely hear the music I am watching the key's of my PX5S while thinking the day ahead but this the thing. Those morning times when I sit on the couch going through my waking process, Five minute or two I don't know I'll go sit behind the keyboard and try a brand new tune something out of no where. Before I even touch the key's I see my hands moving over for some kind of chords and then I'll keep going until a tune is there. And it actually is every morning going through my morning rituals a new tune comes up and it even doesn't require a lot of though or key presses something comes up from nowhere and there it is. Thank to the recorder inside the keyboard when I come home I always listen to the things I've tried that morning which is really funny but in the end it sounds quiet good. Thank You.
  23. Pedal Speed

    Speed control what is that. Or is it probably tempo ?.
  24. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    Playing and programming the PX5S I hope to get wowed with the next synth / XXXxx Hybrid cause I'm still baffled with this keyboard.