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  1. Una Tarde de Mar

    Visit my page www.sergiosongs.com for more....
  2. Visit my page www.sergiosongs.com for more....
  3. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed...
  4. You're welcome to visit my page... www.sergiosongs.com
  5. Typical "bolero" with lyrics in Spanish. Enjoy!
  6. I'm not a professional musician, so I want to make that clear... I play the PX780 by ear, and I've learned a lot (by myself) in the last couple of years. My question has to do with the selection of rhythms in the unit. There are MANY, LOTS of them, but perhaps because of my Latin background, I find the selections available in the "Latin" tag to be missing such a basic rhythms as the Habanera. What's up with that? And they have MANY very arcane (to me, not a musician) Asian rhythms, which are very interesting, and I'd like to experiment with them, but where's my Habanera??? Any thoughts? Thanks! Sergio
  7. PX780 - Recorded tracks (volume)

    Thanks, Pianosaur. I'm learning how to use Audacity. It's quite powerful.
  8. This is a song I wrote some years ago reflecting on my "roots"... Enjoy... Visit my page www.sergiosongs.com, where I upload my interpretations of standard songs as well as my own compositions. Sergio
  9. This is a song I wrote a while ago. It reflects a Spanish part of me... I play the piano by ear, don't read music, but I enjoy it a lot! Gitana.mp3 I have a webpage where I upload my own songs and song standards I like... www.sergiosongs.com
  10. PX780 - Recorded tracks (volume)

    Thanks a lot, tnicoson! That's too bad, but I'm still learning about the unit. I appreciate your clarification. Sergio
  11. Is it possible to adjust the volume of tracks (other than the System track) using Song Recorder? Thanks, Sergio
  12. Amapola

    Hi, I'm Sergio and I play the piano by ear, self-taught, do not read music. I've set up a webpage where I upload my versions of standard songs I like, as well as 20 songs I wrote a few years ago. I play with a Casio PX780, which I love and still trying to learn. This is a song by Joseph LaCalle, a Spaniard from Cadiz who played the clarinet in Sousa's band in the US. I hope you enjoy it. Sergio www.sergiosongs.com Amapola.mp3