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  2. Anthem Variation

    Thanks, Casiokid.
  3. Anthem Variation

    Improvisational exercise based on the Cuban national anthem.
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  5. Una Tarde de Mar

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  7. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed...
  8. You're welcome to visit my page... www.sergiosongs.com
  9. Typical "bolero" with lyrics in Spanish. Enjoy!
  10. I'm not a professional musician, so I want to make that clear... I play the PX780 by ear, and I've learned a lot (by myself) in the last couple of years. My question has to do with the selection of rhythms in the unit. There are MANY, LOTS of them, but perhaps because of my Latin background, I find the selections available in the "Latin" tag to be missing such a basic rhythms as the Habanera. What's up with that? And they have MANY very arcane (to me, not a musician) Asian rhythms, which are very interesting, and I'd like to experiment with them, but where's my Habanera??? Any thoughts? Thanks! Sergio
  11. PX780 - Recorded tracks (volume)

    Thanks, Pianosaur. I'm learning how to use Audacity. It's quite powerful.