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  1. Recorded this a couple of years back when I first got the PX-5S. One of the reasons I got the PX-5S in fact was hearing Mike play it and learning that his setting came on board. It was the first stage setting I ripped apart to see how he made it and I made my own based around it. Wasn't going to upload it on youtube because I didn't want my channel taken down but there is actually a list of songs you can upload and they'll just put ads on it. I only found the list last week looking through the settings on the channel. This is on the list. I figured as Blade Runner 2049 is out, I'll stick it up. Haven't seen it yet but I will. No spoilers please Movie Maker and youtube probably deteriorated the audio a bit. Not really sure.
  2. Great tip, Ted! Thanks for thinking of telling me that. I would have put them in incorrectly.
  3. Forgot to ask, would an audio interface have this usb-midi capability because I plan on getting one of those anyway. Looks like a low range one is about $150.
  4. Is there any work around? Say if you used an audio interface, midi cables or something?
  5. Thanks Ted, I've actually been learning Reaper for the past couple of weeks. It's $59 and you can trial it for two months and even after that it just gives you nag warnings, still I'll probably buy it. I like it so far. Reason I picked it was because of a huge series of professional videos on youtube about how to use it, nicely cataloged and ordered. So I've been recording midi from the PX5s into that, cleaning it up and playing it back through the PX5S. To record audio from the PX5s into Reaper (without doing the whole USB thing), I guess I'll need an audio interface so I'll probably pick up one of them. One question, I had was: I went and opened the data editor for the PX5S today, hoping I could control the PX5S with that while midi is being outputted to the PX5S from reaper but when I had the two programs opened together, I got the warning in Reaper: The following MIDI inputs could not be opened: CASIO USB-MIDI The following MIDI outputs could not be opened: CASIO USB-MIDI Do you think it is possible to use both the data editor and Reaper at the same time?
  6. Thanks Ted, I haven't had to mess around with channels yet but I did have anvil working to some extent. One thing I didn't know what do was which 'patch library' I should choose in the dialog above when I changed the 'device' in the six column next to where you choose the channel. I'm looking around for a DAW with the best video tutorials for beginners as anvil doesn't really have much. any recommendations?
  7. After a reboot I was able to check the box to select the PX5S. I actually had it working for moment but I'm not sure what midi options I had changed in the SYS Settings/MIDI menu. Now I just get "no events recorded" when I try to record the MIDI. Does anyone know what I settings I should change in the MIDI menu in SYS settings to be able to record midi and play it back?
  8. Tried Anvil Studio and got this warning when I opened the program. Here's what that menu looks like: What should I be selecting?
  9. Hi guys, I want to play around with the midi using the PX5S I downloaded a free program called midiEditor: http://midieditor.sourceforge.net/index.php?category=intro What I want to do is play a song and record the midi into the program, then correct the mistakes and play the midi back on the PX5S. I'm not sure if what I am doing is correct but I have the PX5S connected to my PC (windows 10) using the USB chord. In the program settings, I can see CASIO USB-MIDI listed for output and input but I cannot check either box. Do you think this is an error or my end because I have not set the PX5S to do what I want to so (I see some settings for MIDI under the SYS Settings menu on the keyboard).. ..or do you think it is an issue with the program? Or maybe I have it connected to a USB3 port or something similar. Here's a screenshot: Thanks!
  10. PX-5S Updated ALL File