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  1. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has created drum kits in the XW-G1 from Toontrack EZDrummer sounds? Trying to figure out the methodology... Also, curious about importing and saving EZ Drummer "grooves" (midi files) into the G1 to trigger assorted drum kits? Thanks for any tips - much appreciated. Cheers, GeeWon
  2. Hi Again Alen, I just discovered that you created the XW-P1 companion - wow - very cool and beautifully done! Thanks for sharing it so generously - it will be a huge help to many Casio users. I hope Casio and Mike Martins will send some perks your way for expanding on the manual. Cheers, GeeWon
  3. Hi Alen, Thanks for taking the time to assist and break the procedure down so clearly - very kind of you and much appreciated :-) The XW-P! Companion sounds like a great resource - I'll be sure to check it out. It's good to have the K1 thru K4 knobs for control - will be cool to see what similar parameters can be controlled by the sliders, in terms of controlling Performance layers. What I'm enjoying most about the G1 is the huge number of possible layered sounds Performances that can be created just by stacking/layering the existing tone presets and getting creative with effects. My main interest is in chordal polyphonic textures and to a lesser degree the monophonic solo synth presets. I've yet to delve into the G1's sampling capabilities but am wondering about the method of sampling some Rob Papen Blue 2 presets into the G1 - will have to check the manual and experiment a bit. Thanks again Alen. Wishing you all the best! Ciao, GeeWon
  4. Hi All, I'm really beginning to see potential in the XW-G1's ability to create simple but quite rich layered performances. Just layering 2 to 4 assorted tones with assorted effects creates some nice sounds. I've just created a 2 layer performance with a compressed, slightly fuzzy distortion 60s piano with a reverb-y synth-string pad underneath... sounds good. I'd like to assign an individual volume control for each of the 2 separate layers to the assignable knobs - piano volume to K1 and pad volume to K2 - in order to be able to blend the 2 sounds on the fly. Any method to do this? Perhaps on the remaining K3 knob I could assign the amount of distortion gain (fuzz) on the piano and on K4 the reverb send level that's on the synth pad. Any tips? Thanks kindly :-) Geewon
  5. Hi, Is it possible to access and edit component layers of a quasi-layered "Tone" or "PCM Melody"? For example : Internal tone/sound P:320 NEW AGE - this is a layered sound comprised of a bell-like sound combined with a synth string-like pad. How do you access the bell sound and string pad separately ? For example : Can I switch the bell sound with another sound choice to layer in with the existing Pad and vice versa? Or, how would you create a multi-layered tone using existing tones? I realize this can be done as a performance, but since this layering is used in factory tones, I'm curious as to how deep you can burrow into a factory tone. Pressing the edit button while in Tone mode only seems to offer editing access to Attack, Release, Cutoff and other effects - not the actual ability to select different sounds for combing/editing into a new layered Tone. Once again, no luck with the manual :-(( Thanks kindly for any tips. Cheers, Gee Won
  6. Hi All, The XW-G1 has a nice complement of 9 sliders and 4 knobs. Can I and how do I use these sliders and knobs to control computer virtual instrument parameters? For example - in Rob Papen Blue Software Synth you right click on a virtual knobs and engage "Midi Learn" or "Latch To Midi" Then you simply turn a hardware knob on your hardware controller and the software "connects" to the particular hardware knob or slider. Does the XW-G1 not output the midi signal from the knobs and sliders? I get nothing going out to my software from the G1. Any tips? If by chance the G1 doesn't currently do this, it would be amazing to have this feature added in a firmware update..... a shame to have the knobs and sliders only work internally in the G1. Thanks very much :-) Cheers, GeeWon
  7. Hi All, Still trying to change my XW-G1 boot up sound patch. Right now it always boots with Tone P:011 XW LeadSyn 1. I would like to be able to select any boot up sound....... any ideas how to specifically do this? Thanks for your kind assistance :-) Cheers, GeeWon
  8. OK, I see that the G1 and P1 downloads are separated if you don't access the download folder from the main forum window. I can now see the separate categories when I go directly through the "Downloads" portal (red tab). Cool. Thanks again :-) Cheers, Gee Won
  9. Can I ask a question, with only good intentions, of course :-) Just wondering what happened to the separate G1 and P1 download categories? Any reason why all downloads are now lumped together? Creates extra work when trying to see if there are any new downloads for each specific instrument. Doesn't seem logical or efficient... or am I wrong? Nonetheless, love the site - thanks for making it available. Cheers, Gee Won
  10. Hi XW-Addict, Thanks for your tips - will give it a go and let everyone know how it goes. Cheers, Dave
  11. Hi All, Just wondering if there's a way to have a specific sound/patch load at startup? I know you can set it to power up with either a "Performance" or "Tone", but what about choosing your own patch number for startup? Currently, my machine starts up on patch P:011 XW LeadSyn 1, when tone startup is enabled. Not a big deal but would be handy. Thanks very much. Cheers, Dave