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  1. step sequencer to drive external drum machine

    Hi thanks for all the replies I will try the midi on/ off settings in performance mode, and midiout sel to midi, you would think they would all default to'on'!
  2. step sequencer to drive external drum machine

    I can trigger the external drum machine from the xwg1 via midi by pressing keys but can't get the step sequencer to send midiout as it's playing what does the midi out setting do ? there are three choices keys,midi, and usb only keys seems to send midiout data when I play the keyboard, has anyone else managed to trigger external gear from the step sequencer......cheers
  3. I want to use channels 8-16 on the xw g1's step sequencer to drive an old yamaha rx11( using the individual outs to trigger analog drums on an old organ) . Im having trouble assigning notes for each track, so say track 8 i need key A2 to trigger bass drum on yamaha. How do i assign just one note (A2) for track 8. Every time i do it , there is a range of notes to choose from? Regards
  4. step sequencer midi out?

    Been trying last night to trigger a tb303 vst on my laptop via midi from the step sequencer, I can get keyboard presses activating midi on laptop so i know interface is ok. There wasnt anything in the settings menu on the step sequencer to assign a track to midi out??