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  1. Multitimbrality

    In addition, standard midi CC effect controls like reverb, chorus, modulation, pitch bend, can be sent to any of the 16 channels. There is a layer of complexity, however when it comes to stage settings. The stage settings are identified on their own bank. Their effects can be accessed directly as long as you know what the specific mappings are for the zones within that stage setting and bank. Also, the layers within a hex layer can be controlled independently from an external source to a degree. It depends on how the external midi controller is allowed to be configured. The short answer is, everything pretty much can be controlled externally. The how part, depending on how deep you want to go, can get complicated. For example. Out of the box using four zones, 2 of which can be hex layers, you can stack 14 sounds as one "patch". Now, since the PX-5s can receive on 16 channels, you could increase that stack to 12 more simultaneous sounds. Obviously, if you have a sequencer you can just send independent parts to each channel, but if you have a piece of software or hardware that remaps midi events in between the master and the px-5s, you could send key information on channel 1 and have it split to 16 channels that the PX-5s receives and plays.
  2. Song Sequencer

    Following up, the midi control codes and events are all sent as long as in the track setup either USB out or MIDI out are turned on.
  3. Please help for MIDI control

    Hello, Try turning off all 4 zones. Then turn on only 1. By default, Kontakt receives midi on all channels at once. Since the PX-5s can transmit on 4 zones at once, it can send 4 midi note on events of the same note at once. Likely kontakt is piling those on top of each other giving you the volume increase. When you have only 1 zone on, you will only be transmitting on 1 midi channel.
  4. Getting kick drum beat only?

    ...and one other possibility: You could set maybe zone 3 or zone 4 to a GM drum tone - maybe the timpani or synth drum or the tom etc. Set the zones range so that the only key that will sound is the low A. Make sure the other zones ranges are above that note. Then create your phrase that only plays that one key in whatever rythm you want. Assign that phrase to that zone. You might also be able to modify a non-drum tone to sound like a kick by changing the pitch, frequency, attack etc. and do the same thing
  5. Getting kick drum beat only?

    Hi, I meant two things by write back: 1. if you used a pedal to manually send the kick drum signal. you don't have to have it sound on channel 1 zone 1 for a drum like a stage setting or phrase. You can have it write back or rather play on channel 10 (the standard midi channel for percussion) 2. any external midi input can play on channel 10. In regard to number 2, you could for example preprogram a few midi files with whatever bass kick pattern you want, save the files on USB, and then play them on the ps-5x. Just make sure they are recorded on channel 10. You can use a bank and program change within the midi file to select the specific drum set or kick you want the px to play. The advantage of recording a midi file versus a sound file is that you can adjust the tempo on the midi playback live through the PX And another option, though you won't be able to play back a phrase directly on channel 10, you could program a phrase and use the song sequencer to play it back on channel 10 with your choice of kick drum. Does that help?
  6. Getting kick drum beat only?

    Hi, pax-eterna If you wanted to do a kick drum using the pedal, you may have seen this post: In theory, you could change the write back midi channel to 10 and make sure the px5s midi mixer for channel 10 is set to a drum kit. Just tried it and it works. A variation of this would be to create a phrase and play it through the song sequancer
  7. Roland A500 MIDI'd to PX5S

    HI. If you send MSB 112 to the PX 5s, you are initiating the bank for a stage setting change. Stage settings use Zones 1 through 4. Stage settings can only receive input on midi channels 1-4. What is the goal? Do you want to play a stage setting on the PX 5s transmitted from the Roland? You can only use midi channels 1-4 for a stage setting. If you want to play a generic GM sound, you can send a program change (without the MSB 112) to channels 5-16
  8. Serial number and date of manufacture

    If it's a certain range on your keyboard that seems more worn, like the middle, you probably were sold a used keyboard.
  9. Serial number and date of manufacture

    That's how the keybed sounds, give or take. I don't think it's a defect. There have been many posts regarding the clunking keys. That's how it sounds, there are many suggested fixes on the forums
  10. Roland A500 MIDI'd to PX5S

    Hello, You can assign OUTPUT from the px-5s zones to any channel, but it will only receive INPUT on channels 1-4 for each zone in a stage setting respectively. You can however, send other channels to the PX-5s (5-16). Those will not be controlled by the stage settings. They can still be played and you can send program changes to them and you can also control them through the mixer on the PX-5s or the song sequencer.
  11. new owner

    Hello, try adjusting the Touch control under the Sys Settings > General > Touch menu items
  12. Inadvertant note trigger

    Hi, try pressing Sys Settings > 8 > General > 8 > 6 then set the Touch to Light Normal or Heavy and see if there is any difference. When I reference the numbers in the sequence of key presses, those are actually the cursor controls on the numeric keypad.
  13. Midi Issue - midi instrument sounds muffled

    Hello, Looking at your midi display, you have what looks like three simultaneous events occurring at the same time on the same channel. you must be transmitting three zones all on the same channel for the same note. In these cases, you may get a "phasing" effect (lacking a better term) where the midi equipment is trying to play the exact same note on the exact same channel on the exact same program times 3. Likely, the midi equipment or sound source is having trouble resolving the input. One solution is to turn off all of the midi output for all of the zones, verify that pressing a key results in no events being generated out, then turning on the midi output for a single zone and testing your velocity playing. Because your display is set to decimal, it took me a second to recognize the midi commands. under Status, 144 is the same as 90 hex. 9 means note on and 0 means channel 1. Data1 is the note value and Data2 is the velocity. Once I realized what I was looking at, I could tell that 3 iterations of the exact same event were being sent at the same time. This usually means that all of the zones on the PX are sending to the same channel or, the software or midi device that receives the data always receives all events on the same channel regardless of whether or not the data sent is on different channels.
  14. PX-5S hex layers waveforms over XW-P1

    Hello, I believe the PX-5s is a little meatier when it comes to the depth of the programmability of sounds than the PX-560. The PX-560 seems to be a more user friendly version of the PX-5s with a better screen, and fewer controls to manage and fewer layers, zones, etc. If you want more depth, the PX-5s is more likely the way to go. If you want an easier to use sequencer with more tracks, and some generally more user friendly interaction and don't mind losing some of the depth of the sound programmability, the zone capabilities, the additional sliders and knobs for real time tweaking, then the PX-560 may make more sense. Here's some specs: https://casiomusicgear.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/the-definitive-px-5s-vs-px-560-comparison/
  15. PX-5S hex layers waveforms over XW-P1

    Hello, There are actually a lot of demos and articles regarding the PX-5s and the hex layer. From everything I understand, the PX-5s has a improved engine over the XW series and the Hex layers are superior in control and sound. You can check out some of the clinics Mike Martin has put together. Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJuhBWrLBoQ Specifically, check out around 13:40 as he starts talking about editing a Hex layer. You may be able to glean some information for your comparison from his tutorial.