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  1. XW-P1 with 2 pedals

    Oh.... Thanks. Well it seems I'm gonna grand piano with 2 keyboards then.
  2. XW-P1 with 2 pedals

    It has been a long time since I've posted on these forums. I was looking around the internet, but I couldn't find anything about the XW synths using 2 sustain pedals. Here is what I'm trying to do: I own a copy of XLNaudio's grand piano. I am trying to link a midi signal to the 'soft pedal' or 'una corda pedal'. I know how to link it. It works on any knob, button, wheel, or slider. What I can't seem to do is get a secondary pedal connected to my P1's inst in to send a midi signal. My DaW does not receive any signal from it. Is this possible or am I asking for too much? I really don't wanna have to use both my P1 and my G1, just so that I can play a grand piano vst live.
  3. How Does One Block Non XW-P1 Midi Channels?

    I believe I know what is causing your problem. Assuming you have set up your midi right: The Xw-P1 has 4 midi channels in the form of zones 1-4. By default every zone's key range overlap, taking every single available key on your keyboard. This mean that all 4 channels will trigger simultaneously if the signal is received/sent. You need to: 1-Turn off zones 1-2-3 2-If you need the other zones active, then assign the desired key range on each zone so that they don't overlap on the same keys, and each zone triggers it's own channel independently. For example: I wanted to play a grand piano vst in FL studio on channel 2 and on channel 3 trigger an effect. If I remember correctly I turned off zone 1 and 4, assigned an almost full key range -1 (the very last key) to zone 2, and assigned only 1 key to channel 3 which was the very top end C. I believe that's what I did. It's been about a year since I did it, but it goes somewhere along those lines.
  4. Hello guys. I've searched youtube to no avail because i dont know to ask the right questions. I dont even know what im looking for on youtube, and all i know is that I dont like what i hear when i record. Im trying to use FL studio 11, but im completely new to recording. I learned how to use a lot of the tools and its functionality, yet i dont know what im doing. I can make a good song in it however i keep asking myself: 1- Should the monitor bars ever touch red? Im guessing not cuz that could create distortion even tho i dont hear distortion when it hits red. 2- Even thou i placed limiters on my channels at -1 db to make sure each individual channel and the master channel never hit red, why do my monitor bars hit red? 3- Sometimes when a powerful bass kicks in (w/ a limiter at -1db) i hear the most annoying thing ever; why does the volume of my other channels goes really low when a bass begins to sound at key points where its supposed to have pressence? Why does my strong drum kicks do that as well? 4- All volumes are at 100% including master, but i placed limiters to stop the sound from going above -1db. How do u set up volumes? 5- When i compare what I create to other people's work why does my work sound like when you try to talk with your mouth covered? I dont notice till i compare. Is this what the so called mix is supposed to fix? 6- Also what is a mix? Is it basically what makes the song sound clearer and brighter, or do i just really suck at using my software and everything sounds muddy? Sorry to ask so many questions but youtube just keeps trying to teach me for example 'how to mix' when i dont know in the first place how a mix changes the sound or if its something more subtly and my muddiness comes from inexperience. It seems that even the amateur people who make beats all got an advantage over me. It all comes down to 1 question; why does my work sound like doo doo in comparison to pretty much everyone? If only youtube knew what i was trying to ask it :/ I've learned a massive amount of things in just a couple of weeks but none of the things i've learned have changed my sound quality. Maybe i got bad software settings? Can anyone help me? I dont wanna be the best, i just wanna sound normal and i dont have a person to help me, only random youtube videos.
  5. XW-P1 and Ableton

    Hi. Well you could always sample your sounds with your DAW, send the midi signal from your synth to your DAW and then use your P1's sampled sounds. I dont know if Ableton does that. I got FL studios and thats what i did one time. Im now just Using my P1 strictly midi as there are many plugins with a lot of amazing sounds. Oops happyrat beat me to it... EDIT: In FL studio i just replaced the sound i used with the samples I imported from my synth. I dont even bother anymore I got plenty of sounds in my DAW hehe.
  6. Im using my FL studio sound libraries via midi from my P1. I only have a desktop and im in a real need to buy something portable. Has anyone tried FL studio on the Ipad? does it have the same sound quality as in a desktop? Will i be able to use nexus via midi from an ipad or is it not possible? Thanks! Your answers could potentially save me from wasting money
  7. XW-P1/G1 and a Mixer

    Ahhh thanks for the comments. I guess i'll give the stereo inputs a shot and slightly give it some high and low within my G1 so that i can at least match the sound to its source prior to sampling, and get the same sound quality from the original wave. Holy Molly thats some set up you got up there lol. Mine would go like this: G1 and P1 to Mixer to Kaossilator to Main mixer. I dont know if connecting my little mixer to the kaossilator is a good idea, or maybe i should do G1 to P1 stereo input to Kaossilator to little mixer to main mixer.
  8. XW-P1/G1 and a Mixer

    Hey Happyrat... I got that same mixer brand but i got x4 as many inputs and outs of each stereo and microphone. Im not connecting to a computer so i would see the point of connecting to the stereo channels since EQ would be done on a computer program as the video shows. However is there a reason i should be connecting to the stereo channels that have no EQ's for live play? After sampling sounds for my G1 they lose a bit of EQ and i can always fix it with my little mixer. Should i EQ my stuff before sending it to the sound guy? Or should i hope he knows how im supposed to sound and let him handle it? To my understanding you can also do stereo connections by connecting to 2 mic channels and panning them accordingly and you also get the benefit of having EQ sliders (at least with my mixer) instead of connecting to the designated stereo channels that have no EQs. Is this true? Answers will be appreciated. Im just trying to sound right, but i dont know what i should or shouldnt do.
  9. XW-P1/G1 and a Mixer

    It is making my sound much louder and i got all 4 channels at a lower level than usual with lower gain or risk clipping. I dont see a need for me to do that 4 channel mess since its something i never needed in the first place. The 2 channel set up however was needed. The sound guys kept always complaining that i wasnt sending enough power to their mixer (i was using 1 channel not properly connected as stereo). I now use 2 channels (1 for each stereo signal) before sending thru my mixer's output. I wouldnt need to mess with a mixer in the first place since im not so advanced on mixing but i own both ght G1 and P1 and i hated when the sound guys took one of my synth out of balance with the other one. I now only send 1 signal for both that way then cant mess up my volume balance between my synths.
  10. XW-P1/G1 and a Mixer

    Hello everyone. The reason im posting this is because im doing something i've never done before and i wanna make sure im not doing anything wrong that could hurt the quality of my sound or hurt my equipment. So i bought this portable mixer for my synths and im doing something i got no clue if its something that someone can do to mix their sound. Im using right now 4 channels for my XW-G1. I connected the LEFT output of my G1 to 1 channel and the RIGHT one to another. Then I panned the left channel all the way to the left and the right channel all the way to the right. I was just messing around however I noticed my sounds cleared up a bit. I repeated the same process with the 'headphone' output on channels 3 and 4 and my sounds cleared up even more. I then selected one of my sounds and i gave it a little bit of chorus and reverb. It was sounding like what i was looking for until i tried something i never used before (Note: Im making sure nothing clips as i do all this). I went ahead in my little mixer and increased the 'Highs' and 'Lows' in all 4 channels by a little bit. All of the sounds I had sampled from my Kaossilator began to sound like almost an exact copy from its source. I dont know if you guys have noticed that whenever you sample a sound from another source it changes a little as if it had lost its equalization (even when a high quality sample is created with the G1's sample looper. Anyway all in all my sounds are sounding much clearer and how they are supposed to be or close on both my synths. Giving each stereo signal its own panned channel and then reinforcing it seems to clear things up and even remove unwanted noise! I like stacking sounds on performance, detuning them, and panning them on each zone. Sometimes because of how the base sounds are created, they release a bit of distortion when the sound effects stack 4 times, but after using 4 panned channels all distortion is gone. However I dont know what the heck im doing and i just like what i hear. I mean its a mixer after all so in the end it still yields 2 stereo signals (Left &Right) from the mixer's main output after everything gets mixed together. I dont see anything wrong with that. I still would like to know if im doing anything crazy or forbidden that shouldnt be done lol. Thanks!!!
  11. Beats'n'Bells

    Cool beat. I like how aggressive it got around 2:20+. It moved like metal, but it sounded like club music if you know what i mean. And yes who would have thought an EDM player listened to modern heavy metal too. I thought i was in for a metal song and got fooled . I got a taste of my 2 favorite genres here. At least thats what my taste buds tell me
  12. P1+G1-/-Kaossilator Pro plus= Kaoss-PG1

    I've seen those micro korgs but never really did any research on them. Are they like mini G1s?
  13. P1+G1-/-Kaossilator Pro plus= Kaoss-PG1

    That combo is super awesome for electronic dance music. I was gonna get the KP3, but since the XW-J1 is coming out late march or early april i will just buy that instead. I hope it comes on red cuz i plan to set it on the G1's pad and switch my Kaossilator to my P1's.
  14. I had fun with that tittle. This is a little demo of how this equipment might sound live for those of you wondering if you should get both the P1 and G1. The only thing i used the Kaoss for was the wind blow effect, and of course to sample its nice sounds and put them in my G1
  15. Turning Step Seq into sample pad

    On the G1 its even better since you can use samples on your sequence on each pad. Even if u got just the P1, just create a chord using channels 8-16 per pattern in the step sequence and arrange them in the order that seems easier for you to trigger. You can pretty much do anything with this, even have a different beat per pattern assigned, then trigger with your keyboard. Have fun