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  1. Dear friends compuz this song to my mate Sandra Cunha, hope you like ... Recorded at Studio Laborato with the participation of Thomaz Viana on guitar and arrangements. Thanks brother ... SONHANDO COM VOCÊ - LUCIANO ALMEIDA.mp3
  2. using the XWP-1 as a controller?

    Gary thanks so much for your help, Merry Christmas to u and all your family.
  3. using the XWP-1 as a controller?

    usb...to control FL studio 10
  4. using the XWP-1 as a controller?

    hello to all ... I'm trying to use the controller as xwp1,,, already got, then without changing any settings, I can not .. can help me? what to do? Thank you.
  5. AUDIO IN......how to do??

    no .. I put in 127 and nothing ... put a microphone to test the sound out, but can not effect any change .... but ... that up there is a XW-P1! I can not understand this mystery ...
  6. AUDIO IN......how to do??

    I think there's something wrong with my XW-P1 I tried exactly like you said, when I trigger on (5. - OSC On / Off [on]) the sound is muted, and when off the sound is bad and does not suffer no change in stirring knobs ... it's a shame. thanks anyway my brother.
  7. Friends know someone who is this timbre.??

    thank you my brother Double P. ..
  8. AUDIO IN......how to do??

  9. AUDIO IN......how to do??

    Come again for help to friends .... AUDIO IN, how to change the sound sent through MP3 AUDIO IN?? already tried and failed ....
  10. INST IN....how to do??

    thank you guys for everything...
  11. INST IN....how to do??

    .. it is possible to introduce the sound of my simple Roland E-09 and edit and save the XW-P1??
  12. INST IN....how to do??

    Good evening friends, I am trying to introduce a sound of my other keyboard Roland E-09 via the INST IN .... and I'm not getting, could you help me please?
  13. Atualização do XW-P1....

    Alenk my brother thank you very much .... I will follow your guidelines not to miss anything ... rsrsr, big hug! Thank you for your attention ...
  14. Atualização do XW-P1....

    well what I mean is: did the system update, then I realized that a sound bank called User Helayer Antartica, or think, gone .... it's a very epic sound filled tampores classical and choral ... would recover this sound ... can you help me?? thank you