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  1. share wk/ctk user tones

    Is there any genius that know how to get close to a musitron ,,solovox or Claviolin sound with our keyboard? Ps: is the sound used in del Shannon s , runaway solo
  2. Buenisimo, despues subite el patch de vox, a ver q tal!
  3. vintage keys

    Well, thanks guys
  4. vintage keys

    C'mon guys, anyone?
  5. Dude, add little distortion (3 or 2 ) dsp and reverb to that voice and you will get closer to doors vox sound.
  6. Heavy resources for CTK an WK keyboards!

    Link is broken, bro . Please check it, Mr Silva, since I'm very interested in them.
  7. Ok, you are right , my Brazilian friend...I'll calm down.... And I'll wait Ps: I'll see at fifas world cup (im from Uruguay, so I'll b watching you guys!)
  8. casio oficial site downloads

    hi, Scott: I'm sorry , but that's not accurate... i have uploaded a couple of sounds for ctk7000 wk7500 (theremin, vox continental (2) and others ep's) and i'd like to see another users tones for this keyboard.... well, they are not in the download section....
  9. its time to collect them all and organize them, dont you think Mr Mike Martin?
  10. i wonder why casio ofiacial site have not a download section ( as nord has) to get improved they keyboards... why this is not an official forum? its time to collect them all and organize them, dont you think Mr Mike Martin? wish you the best!
  11. vintage keys

    hi, good people! look ,I' m love with vintage keys sound, alright? i guess thats not a problem, can i go on?... ok how good are xwp1 vox continental and rhodes/ep ? can a good soul show them on youtube? please? I own a ctk7000 (good hamonds and ok ep ) perhaps i would buy a xw p1 if them vox and rhodes are good.... Thanks and keep the vibes hight!!!
  12. I already created one download section, under " share users tones wk ctk" but if you guys want to move it and organize it better, there you have my encourage. Ps: btw, why you guys not just go and share your user tones to make it grow , since you complain about it , but not help to remedies it? Good vibes!
  13. CTK 7000 sounds like question

    Hi, boss, I'm the same side. , organ sounds, I believe 60, organ sound s very close a vox conti, just add distortion and reverb.... Anyway, why u don't go to "share ctk wk users. Sounds" and check it out? There is a couple of continental sound s . Keep in touch
  14. share wk/ctk user tones

    Great, thanks Gerard! I'm using them already!
  15. busy boy sound

    Just great! i'm getting closer,,, others: Hard zurna+ dist+DstCho (dsp) Thanks!!! I'll upload soon!