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  1. PX-5S Promo Pack - Free Sounds

    Audio demos for the guitar sounds from my buddy Kristian Terzic! https://soundcloud.com/dave-weiser/sets/casio-px-5s-promo-pack
  2. PX-5S Promo Pack - Free Sounds

    My Promo Pack for PX-5S in finally finished and posted for download! (I had been calling it the Holiday Pack due to the timing.) The file and release notes are here: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2F953-weisersound-promo-pack%2F I'll be posting some demo clips shortly. In the meantime I'm hoping that some of the superstars here and on Facebook will post some audio or video with the sounds in action.
  3. PX-5S acoustic piano sounds

    In my experience working for manufacturers this kind of thing is usually a characteristic of the actual piano that was sampled. Also, the sample editing and processing required to get raw samples ready for prime time can have an effect on the sound that might yield results similar to what you describe. Sometimes harsh characteristics (harmonics, partials, etc) on certain notes/ranges need to be dampened and rolled off, etc. These steps *need* to be done or the samples would sound INSANE upon playback. The risk of fixing harsh partials is creating too much of a timbral difference between adjacent notes/ranges. Those of us who make a living in sound design drive ourselves mad trying to strike an optimal balance between smoothing out the sound while not going too far and creating unnatural transitions. Based on my experience and that of most PX customers I've observed I'd say that Casio did an admirable job tackling this tricky issue.
  4. Holiday Sound Pack

    Announced on Facebook the other day but figured I should mention it here as well... As a little holiday gift and gesture of gratitude to the Casio community I'm going to be releasing a set of 5 sounds free of charge. Hope to have them finished by the 25th! Stay tuned...
  5. Bass Pack Preview

    Just uploaded some audio demos from our good friend Kristian Terzic! (His demos are labeled KT.) Always a treat to hear killer players using my sounds. https://soundcloud.com/dave-weiser/jpj_motown?in=dave-weiser/sets/casio-px-5s-pro-bass-pack
  6. Bass Pack Preview

    Update: I've decided that it makes the most sense to sell the Bass Pack on my own. Many thanks to Casio for the support, the excellent platform and the outstanding community! http://www.weisersound.com/#!casio-pro-bass-pack/c1n7t
  7. Bass Pack Preview

    Here's the webpage, with a little more info on each tone. http://www.weisersound.com/#!casio-pro-bass-pack/c1n7t
  8. Bass Pack Preview

    Still unsure if I'm going to release them on my own for sale (like my Gig Piano and Pro Strings) or if Casio will release them for free (like my Vintage Keys set). Waiting to hear back from Casio now. I know budgets for that sort of thing are tight (as a guy who worked for a keys manufacturer myself). Also, Casio has always been quite good to me. So I'd like to show them as much courtesy as possible while we figure it out. Will keep you posted.
  9. Bass Pack Preview

    OK here are the audio demos for the 10 sounds: https://soundcloud.com/dave-weiser/sets/casio-px-5s-pro-bass-pack Had a blast doing these, love playing bass parts!
  10. Bass Pack Preview

    Love the Dave Holland clip! Both of my uprights emulate certain characteristics of that sound - I think you'll be pleased.
  11. Bass Pack Preview

    Yes - I have 3: the JPJ one posted above (now named JPJ/Motown), GetLucky (also a dead ringer for Another One Bites the Dust) and a rock bass caled BriteFinger.
  12. Bass Pack Preview

    I have two uprights at the moment. I'm quite pleased with the results I'm getting from the PX-5S on this project. Regarding challenges/requests: If you'd like post a youtube clip of a real bass sound on an album or live performance I'll consider taking a shot. But I'm probably going to pass on the Trillian challenge. Just as I would pass on an Ivory challenge. Unless you know of a way to get 21,000 samples with thousands of articulations and 34GB into the Casio. (You saw the part in the video where Eric mentions the 21,000 samples, yes?) Seriously I have spent time with the Trillian collection, studied it when I worked for Kurzweil and have gleaned a few tricks and insights from it. Great stuff. Here's the latest video preview - Jaco fretless with harmonics above middle C.
  13. Bass Pack Preview

    And one more!
  14. Bass Pack Preview

    Here's a little taste of what I've been working on.
  15. Q for Dave Weiser..

    Ha funny you should ask... I was just popping by to post here that the first tone, a slap bass, is nearly complete. Hope to have a small set ready to release by 19th when I head off to my next show. The size of the set will depend on how much progress I can make vs time vs variety of worthwhile results. I'll have a least one slap, one upright and one fingered Motown type bass, hopefully with a few useful variations.