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  1. Velocity on Wah wah

    If you consider what wah wah pedal effect is. Changing frequency So I put the filter on velocity and it had the same effect Great for funk
  2. Velocity on Wah wah

    Not to worry. I figured out how to do it .
  3. Velocity on Wah wah

    I was wondering how to connect it to velocity The clavs work differently
  4. Velocity on Wah wah

    How do you get more wah by hitting the notes harder. ?I have the wah wah effect on the DSP.
  5. Any PX-5s successor yet in 2018?

    Roli Seaboard Block keyboard controller has pushed the bar up. I personally don’t like the keyboard but the ability to add octaves on to a keyboard is simply awesome . Casio could head in that direction ?
  6. Logic x wav

    No problem lads....sorted.
  7. Logic x wav

    Can you help. I write a tune in logic x in wav form. I then call it TAKE 47.WAV and put it into MUSICDAT. Why does it not work?(sure there is a work around I know)
  8. How to open the px5s

    Not to worry, I fixed with the help of a guy in Facebook. A mammoth task, it took me two days
  9. Hi Gavan,Did you manage to replace those keys ? Hugh

  10. How to open the px5s

    I have got as far as the side blocks, what happens next please ? The velocity on the centre Eb is full on and it makes the keyboard un playable. I did in fact do a workaround .....put three pianos in and the E flat at a lower volume So I can at least play something
  11. How to open the px5s

    Still having problems with Notes How do you open keyboard ?
  12. Eb

    The latest is that the velocity went off the E note but another spray and two days later........ it works perfectly now
  13. Eb

    This morning all works, electrical cleaner worked Eb and E are fine but needs a day to dry off....
  14. Eb

    Thanks Joe,but in the meantime I put electrical cleaner on it Not only is the Eb not working but the E next to it is gone too ?@£$%^%$£@
  15. Eb

    My middle Eb is not working well. It is the note itself Does the contact need cleaning ?