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  1. Logic x wav

    No problem lads....sorted.
  2. Logic x wav

    Can you help. I write a tune in logic x in wav form. I then call it TAKE 47.WAV and put it into MUSICDAT. Why does it not work?(sure there is a work around I know)
  3. How to open the px5s

    Not to worry, I fixed with the help of a guy in Facebook. A mammoth task, it took me two days
  4. Hi Gavan,Did you manage to replace those keys ? Hugh

  5. How to open the px5s

    I have got as far as the side blocks, what happens next please ? The velocity on the centre Eb is full on and it makes the keyboard un playable. I did in fact do a workaround .....put three pianos in and the E flat at a lower volume So I can at least play something
  6. How to open the px5s

    Still having problems with Notes How do you open keyboard ?
  7. Eb

    The latest is that the velocity went off the E note but another spray and two days later........ it works perfectly now
  8. Eb

    This morning all works, electrical cleaner worked Eb and E are fine but needs a day to dry off....
  9. Eb

    Thanks Joe,but in the meantime I put electrical cleaner on it Not only is the Eb not working but the E next to it is gone too ?@£$%^%$£@
  10. Eb

    My middle Eb is not working well. It is the note itself Does the contact need cleaning ?
  11. Barn Dance (Duet) PX-360

    Why do i keep thinking of Davy Crocket ! Nice playing....keep it up.
  12. 1AMDance

    Good one
  13. What am I doing wrong ?

    I have put a new adapter on the headphones What a difference between mono stereo to me The PX 5 sounds great again.
  14. What am I doing wrong ?

    It could be the adapter, I'm looking for another one .