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    I have a Galaxy Tab 8.9 which I use with the XW-P1. Added Jordan Rudess's Morph Whiz app to the galaxy, almost the same as adding a Kaos pad Plugged into the external instrument port. really cool.
  2. Try find something with some bass ommff. just recently added a subwoofer to my home setup, a pair of Edirol MA15D's. Could not believe the difference. Even nearfields need a sub now and then to really get the bass frequencies to come through. When I am just playing the Sub is on, off for mixing except as a check that i haven't overdone anything in the low frequencies.
  3. HI There all I am interested if anyone has old Casio synth's. I own the following Casio XW-P1 Casio CZ5000 Casio CZ1 and a Casio VZ1. (Missed out on an FZ1 recently) Anybody got any good patches, mods, circuit diagrams , in fact anythiing relating to these...