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  1. SW Rhodes

    Quite the beauty...
  2. Shut Up And Dance Lead

    Excellent patch! Wish I would have had it a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Capital Cities -- Safe and Sound

    I've been using the "Jump" patch from the downloads, and I think it works marvelously. The lead singer and the rest of the band that I work with have all expressed great enthusiasm -- "Wow -- *that's* the sound". You have to edit the 'throw' of the pitch bend to get that epic, sub-sonic fall at the end.
  4. Wurli Cruzr2

    Killer Wurlie, Mike. *Wow*!
  5. Casio Sightings

    Very cool. Nice to see the PX-5S front and center. I've had mine for 4 months, and I swear it's a thousand miles deep. Incredible.
  6. Chameleon Stage Setting

    I nicked this one too. Wow, and thanks!
  7. Melody Tones Analog Style

    Simply fantastic! Thank you.
  8. Casio Sightings

    Now I'm embarrassed -- in a good way, ah reckon. Nice 'board, that PX -- *loaded*. Thanks again, Scott.
  9. Casio Sightings

    Thanks for your help and indulgence, Scott. The PX-5S acquits itself proudly. And it makes the 2 block walk to the car in 3 degree weather a lot more palatable.
  10. Casio Sightings

    I think I'm breaking the rules, but in the interest of shameless self promotion, I offer this 'movie'. If there are any objections, just pull the post. Cheers!