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  1. Indonesian Nights

  2. Hex Synth Analog Pack

    Hi folks! Some hex layer inspired by analog synth...hope you enjoy them... Demo sound on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/andrea-scattolini/sets/casio-px5s-hex-synth-analog Link to the forum download file http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/829-hex-synth-analog-pack/
  3. Version 0.1


    Ok, a few Hex Layer presets, two Stage Settings and two mp3 for Hex Layer demo sounds... I was inspired by vintage analog synth sounds and mood... I used 3 oscillators for each Hex Layer... I made 2 Stage Settings splitting 2 Hex Layer each one; Sliders 1 & 2 are the volume zones ...(you can hear mp3 demo)... Feel free to use them if you like...
  4. Impressioni di settembre

    Great! Good sounds! I've layered pad sound with a strings tone, 'cause I need it more heavy to survive in a live contest :-)
  5. Midi in merged to usb

    My goal is to play the Expander with both PX5S and UMX... So I think I need a Midi Merge box... Or change the UMX for a PCR500 that has the midi merge function...
  6. Midi in merged to usb

  7. Midi in merged to usb

    And (UMX490) midi out --> midi in (PX5S) midi out --> midi in (External sound expander) ...both controller midi messages into the External sound expander?
  8. Is it a PX5S problem? In live performance...not a good situation
  9. PX5S controls Roland Sonic Cell via midi. Some key I've played sends "note on" message continuosly...I have to disconnect the midi cable to solve... I try to disconnect the pedal too, but nothing happens...
  10. using Px5 as a midi controller?

    Do Knobs send midi via usb?
  11. Is it possible to create a full PX5S editor on Midi Designer like the XW series?
  12. PX5S vs PC3LE 8 or MOTIf XS

    I put on my PX5S an iPad mini (200 euro) + synth app (Magellan, Galileo, Sampletank, Soundfont player...) and so you get many many sounds