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  1. Sampling sustained sounds

    Now Google Translator worked well for you. Even writing in Portuguese. As I said and I repeat to you not to worry about my posts because I have been a long time in the forum and I did not have problems in communication. As Mike Martin has already told me that I can put what I want in my instrument as long as I do not want to sell MZ-X with sound sampled in Keyboard in large scale.
  2. Sampling sustained sounds

    "What is the use of all this work, since the instrument does not work with samples" Talvez ainda Amado José o pessoal do fórum não se aprofundou ainda na criação de samples de uso mais Hardcore. Pode ser que no futuro venham a repetir tudo o que nós tentamos lhes dizer e para nós já foi fim de papo. Se preocupam mais com as nossas tentativas incorretas de traduçôes para a língua do Site do que se esforçar para o compreendimento e interação. É como se colocasse uma cocheira aonde só olham para o lado aonde o condutor aponta. Quando participava do fórum do CTK as coisas eram mais simples e limpas pois tinha muito mais interação e diálogos. Acredito que com o lançamento da linha CT-X o MZ-X vai ser apagado e será muito pouco lembrado. Pois a Casio está se esforçando pra isso. Talvez este deva ser um dos últimos posts por aqui coisa que deveria ter parado faz tempo. Um abraço conterrânio e boa Sorte.
  3. Sampling sustained sounds

    The best Program is the EXTREME SAMPLE CONVERTER for loops points. http://www.extranslator.com
  4. Sampling sustained sounds

    You're the only one who bothers my translations . I try to be as technical as possible. But Alenk you not need bother with my posts anymore. All electronic instruments use samples. What determines is the quality of the samples and memory (large number of samples). If I use samples from other keyboards in Casio I do not believe that I am infriging something even because an example: A Nord piano has in its Rom memory has hundreds of megabytes or Gigabytes and also its structure like hardware simulation dedicated DSPs and other details that I will not mention here. So you never with all the knowledge of sample handling will get the sound of the original Nord as it is on a 128 / 256mb rom keyboard that the MZ-X line has. For me to have an approximate Sound of such an instrument only using Kontakt software or a Kronos.
  5. Sampling sustained sounds

    They are controversial questions because in the downloads section of this forum there are many sampled instruments derived from other keyboards. We are in great doubt now because our keyboards are capable of emulating other instruments. If we do not sample other brands we sample acoustic instruments that have preserved rights. It's that old story of the CD rewritable against Vinyl. And I've seen videos of Casio Brazil demonstrating sampled sounds from Kontakt (Kick Ass Brass) of course it was not mentioned in the video but for those who are decades using software and keyboards just listening can understand. When I posted the video of demonstrating a different keyboard on the MZ-X was not to donate but to demonstrate the features of the keyboard MZ-X300.
  6. Settings K1 and K2

    Hello Friend! I deleted the video from you tube.
  7. CT-X VS MZ-X

    The CTX line I believe is a clean platform. Good sound quality but no large expansion capabilities. The MZ-X is a arranjer workstation. To get quality in the MZ-X you have to make use of the tools. Is that it is not a keyboard ready. Editions are required.
  8. CT-X VS MZ-X

    Take The MZ-X500 is the best. The CT-X line has a tone table derived from the MZ-X. But I believe it will not have the sampler function. Only the sampler function will leave your MZ-X updated for a long time.
  9. Settings K1 and K2

    Please Subs on and translate. PIANO DEMO NORD GRAND IMPERIAL ZTN!! SIZE 24MB 3 LAYERS
  10. Casio comes out with new lower end boards NAMM 2018

    I just logged in because I made a point of congratulating Randelph. Users from parts other than Brazil are beginning to understand why the MZ-X has been forgotten especially for its price that is superior. We are expecting a new update and have already been exposed here dozens of improvements in the SOFTWARE where most users are professionals who already work with other brands of professional keyboards have already reported these deficiencies including me.
  11. Thanks and Goodbye! Of Topic

    Hello friends! I come across this post saying goodbye. I have projects and the big rush can not accompany the group. Anyone who wants to give any kind of information can find me at silvanofds@hotmail.com. Thanks especially to Brad and also tnicoson / ctk who helped me. Thank you everyone!
  12. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    Too bad the MZ-X has a limit on the PADS 3 banks A B C. The same is limited to registration banks. My MZ-X is ALL FULL!
  13. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    f you are going to create samples to Sample Manager. I advise you to pre edit the waves before playing in Manager. Samples with good volumes are easier to edit later on the keyboard like ZTN.
  14. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    The fact is that the sampler tool allows to experience sounds of old synthesizers. The same happens with the use of emulators in windows where old games are possible thanks to the technology. We also have the most elaborate acoustic instruments where the keyboard has reached the limit of the edition. I have 7 acoustic accordions installed on the MZ-X where I can choose different tastes of specific tones. Today I can say that the keyboard is working 98% with 2% with bugs. And I say DOES NOT HAVE COMPETITOR KEYBOARDS IN THE SAME PRICE AVERAGE BETTER THAN THE MZ-X. What we do here citing mistakes is to help the brand. So I advise friends to use the sampler tool with care.
  15. Re The Sampler - Exactly what IS the problem --

    One point to note is that we are not talking about criticism here. But offering a point to anyone who makes the software and hardware of the Analyze line. If I paid for 128mb / 256mb of samples I want to enjoy it, which I bought. I have 73mb of samples on the MZ-X300 and I still have a ztn or another one missing a note. What works out here is reloading the file. If anyone from the forum so far has not had these problems congratulations. No one here also wants to compare Brand X or Y. The MZ-X for what you pay outweighs these bugs. Here is a list of my Samples: BASS FENDER SCARBEE BASS BRASS KICK ASS BRASS LONG BRASS TYROS 2 TROMBONES RAY CONNIFF TROMBONE SOLO TRUMPET KORG PA50 TRUMPET FR TRUMPET MEXICAN FR VOCALS CHOIR DRUM KIT BRAZIL FRECORDS DRUM KIT FORRÓ FR DRUM KIT ZECA PAGODINHO (AUDIO DRUMS LOOP) RHODES CELESTIAL PIANO DX SUPER DX PEDAL STEEL STRATO KETRON AUDYA FENDER LIGHT GUITAR ROLAND GW8 GUITAR BASE BIG FAT DISTORTION ORGAN KETRON AUDYA PAD FANTASY 64 VOICE PIANO XP80 HIGH SAX LEAD GROW SAX SAX FR SAX KENNY G SUPER TENOR SENSUAL SAX STRINGS ROLAND STRINGS KURZWEIL ACORDEONS GIULIETTI ACORDEON2 PA50 SD ACORDEON W.C ACORDEON LETTICE SCANDALLI MASTER ACCORDEON BANDONEON CS VICTORINI BANDONEON VODKAKORDION HARMONICA