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    Just an addition. Who wants to change Rick's INS file to add USER TONES and USER ZDR custom. just open with NOTEPAD to change the desired line and SAVE.
  2. Hello friends. I thought here of a way to do piano tones samples etc using ADSR tools without success. What I pictured here is for example a long piano wave but with LOOP points before the end of the sample and in the tones editor by ADSR to decay the sound without sounding the infinite LOOP. Anyone with any ideas here? note that it is not only for PIANOS, but also for guitars, bass ...
  3. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    I have the MZ-X300. Is it also possible to make this adjustment?
  4. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    Yes Rick. Working with envelope by separate sample could change the decay times. I found a solution that I intend to apply for example more serious samples with loop and smaller ones without loop. The only question is that the envelope would pick up all the samples. But the idea would not be for pianos but for guitars and bass.
  5. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    GOOD moontom You said it all in a little text. It's no use with our desires for Casio if it does not solve the current MZ line. Who says that Casio can continue with the same errors in the new line? If not correct this will customers believe in the new line? If I have 128mb or 256mb of memory sampler I want to enjoy it to the maximum without fear of giving problems. So my wish list would be: NOT BUGS PLEASE
  6. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Hello Friend. Where are the low sales of the MZ-X. Many musicians here in Brazil are eager to have an MZ-X. What is lacking for CASIO is very little, there is no question of sales or what compensates but rather prepare the ground for a future return to Arrangers professional line and CASIO proved that it may be possible to fight with the big brands. Yamaha has also been heavily criticized with its PSRs and today it has acquired its respect with customers. We can say with certainty that Casio is taking the place of YAMAHA as KEYBOARD WITH EXCELLENT COST BENEFIT. There is not only EUROPE as a buyer. We have Latin America, India and many other markets where few are able to buy more expensive keyboards and Brazil is one of these markets. A fix is not limited to spending on programmers but rather to the Brand name. The Privia PX-5S was able to access the stages with great bands here because of the great support that Casio gave the instrument and is a very beloved instrument here. As already said, there is no use in new keyboards if they do not correct what is already on the market. This is commitment to the users.
  7. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    Hello, Brad. Thanks to you I got what I wanted. I was able to give Silence in a continuous sample. Too bad this feature is applied to all samples and not to each separate sample. But it already opens up new ideas for creating complex tones with more samples and consequently more realistic.
  8. SAMPLES with Loops and ADSR System

    Sorry Brad for the English. An example. I created a Loop in the string samples and saved it as ZTN. I wanted in the tones editor a feature in the ADSR that would cause the decay of the loop to silence. If possible Sample Files like Piano could create smaller samples because it would give the illusion of natural drop of the sample.
  9. MZ-X500 as an ORGAN

    To have an even more real experience I suggest creating a ztn sample of organ for the right hand and for the pedals (like B3 samples) Because MZ-X can only use the features of DRAWBAR to Upper. It's a crazy idea, but I think it's cool. Here in the wind instruments I mix samples with the factory tones and it is very good
  10. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    Rick every user buys a product and waits with what has been promised in the marketing if it fulfills. In the case of AMADO JOSÉ he refers to the samples part. We Brazilians work on many samples because our musical culture is immense. Casio promised in the marketing memory of samples and did not comply because the keyboard disappears with the samples. No has a 100% memory to run the sounds in real time in full (128mb and 256mb). As far as preload we can take. But these bugs its bad. What's good for you does not mean it's good for others. The keyboard is great but we want to leverage Casio in Latin America. But to make your fame Casio have to listen to us and help us too.
  11. Next Generation MZ-X wish list

    ZDR samples with 8 layers
  12. Audio styles

  13. Priority

    Many endorsers do not have new videos here. I already think it's they're jumped out.. We were abandoned. And Casio does not give us a position.
  14. Priority

    Congratulations. One more bug for the list !!! Next!!!
  15. Casio sample manager

    What the program asks for are waves samples of some instrument that you have. You drag the waves as an example C2 F2 Bb2 D3 F # 3 and place exactly where these waves are marked. Placed the waves you save the instrument and load in the pen drive to install in your keyboard. There are several details.
  16. So, I tested the X500...

    The evolution of the drum of the MZ-X against the WK7600 I had was very large. In fact Casio has learned his homework well in some resources. My wish list for a top line would be: 76 keys Larger memory for sampler (512mb or more) with Total Preload memory. Loop Slice audio to Pads with BPM control. Loop Guitar in rhythms 3 INTROS and 3 ENDINGS Arrangements in rhythms in Cmajor Cm and C7 Sinc Stop and START buton improvements Customizable break button like FILL IN Separate DSP for Microphone and Vocalist 3 interchangeable DSPs. Registration USER expand for 24 or more banks. 4 OTS for each rhythm. Compatible with SF2

    Version 1.0.0


    Excellent Accordion for Classics solos It's part of my package of timbres and Rhythms on i Sell for MZ-X
  18. Priority

    The DAW edit tool helps you pre-listen how it sounds in MZ. Importing the midi to the MZ-X has to remix to the internal Mixer. I do not know if it's bug or me that I'm doing the wrong way. But over time I'm going to edit a little sequence in DAW and see how the MZ behaves.
  19. Why WOULDN'T one buy MZ X500 ?

    The E-A7 simply stands for Samples. Taking the Samples out of memory it's a slightly improved ROLAND E-50. No wonder the ROLAND EA-7ter placed Sampler and have withdrawn the Resources of SUPERNATURAL and SRX.
  20. So, I tested the X500...

    Friend indeed the MZ-X does not have the huge amount of Rhythms like Korg Yamaha and Roland has. Let's look at the fact that the extension of the AC7 Rhythms is newer and with a small library compared to the other brands. What MZ-X stands out for is the features it has and the ability to expand.
  21. Priority

    Each has an operational mode to work with. Many of these features you will find in other brands. It may not suit you, but it will not hurt you in any way.
  22. Priority

    Friend CoreyW. The STY import tool until it works. But that's not what I mean. I was commenting on the evolution of Yamaha PRS and STY rhythms. Casio "evolved" from CPT CKF Z00 to AC7 The AC7 extension still needs enhancements to support the MZ-X As for reading STY rhythms what I advise is to rename the STY extension to MID and open it in a DAW (I recommend SONAR with INS file from RICK THAT HAS TO DOWNLOAD here in the FORUM) Editing the Rhythm connected to DAW and MZ-X. Then you put the edited MID and import into the MZ-X
  23. Priority

    Yeeessss. And what did you say. Now imagine a scenario in which you play a presentation of two different songs in which you want to link these songs and in the second song you have created an intro (INTRO 1 or INTRO 2) and then go to the variations. If registration does not save the link through INTRO 1 or 2. You do not need this today but many need and who knows for you in the future.
  24. Priority

    Rick before making a video. 1-Save a rhythm in the registration memory with start Sync in INTRO 1 or 2. 2-Press and play another Rhythm and press the registration you saved with freeze off and with the rhythm Playing to see if it enters the INTRO that you saved
  25. Priority

    My friend Rick You can do this with the Rhythm stopping. Try to make Rhythm in progress and me reply back.