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  1. Grand Movie

  2. Mike Martin: excellent work as administrator of this Casio's Group; your skillness about music/techonologi/Casio's products is very welcome to us. An ever growing group of friends and musicians, with helps tips hints and lots of posts and new sounds. All of this, like a good arrangement for full orchestra, will turn an (already) amazing keyboard (PX-5s) in to a powerful stagee instrument and a landmark in the history of digital piano/synth and success of sales

  3. Privia PX-5S MIDI Designer Layouts / iPhone and IPad

    well, I think it is a great think. But the .mididesigner extension is not a valid extension, as my Mac Book Pro tells me. I have a iPhone but it is very cumbersome to try anything there. I going to have a iPad. But that is the question? How to open that px-5siphone.mididesigner? - well, I sorry not to write so well in English - I am brazilian. Thx