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  1. Portrait

  2. Thick Strings

    Monster sound... Thank you!
  3. Blank 4/4 bar at the end of my phrase

    Got it that worked. I understand now.
  4. I generate a drum phrase 8 bars long in Cubase. I export that to a MIDI file (that re-imports exactly as it was intended). I convert the MIDI file using the DATA Editors Phrase Convert window "start at bar 1 and end at bar 9" with no other filters. I import the resulting .ZPH file into the PX-5S and turn on looping. No matter how I program the 8 bar phrase, the PX-5S puts a blank 4/4 bar where I want the .ZPH to loop. Any ideas folks? I've attached the MIDI file. The forum won't let me upload the .ZPH file for some reason. Pagliacci BrushRideOriginal.mid
  5. Playing In Nylons

    This one's Copyright 2014 Harold W Jackson BMI. Using one of the new guitar patches from Mike Martin's Guitar Pack. He's so smart!
  6. BAZINGA! At Last Live

    Merci, en toute.
  7. BAZINGA! At Last Live

    Etta James was a true artist. I love this song. If only one day it would come true. http://youtu.be/u622q5ylWGk
  8. Appreciation HappyR... Things like "riffs" just kinda bake themselves into your fingers after a while. I have played Sledgehammer some moons ago doing the brass and synths simultaneously, but it wasn't intended to quote here. I just wanted to play a good, danceable rendition of Superstition on me mighty PX for educated listeneres like you. Thanks for listening. Pagliacci
  9. Superstition

    Version Stage Setup for the song


    This clavinet/brass/bass/drum thing, along with the very simple drum phrase Supertime1 (should be at the 998 Phrase position). OMG can I spell?
  10. There are a couple of edits, but the outcome is what I wanted. OK, here's the link. http://youtu.be/oQinHyd5Qpo
  11. Fat Brass at end... Deep Jazz, Urban Drama

    This track's best moments is when the Brass kicks in... I posted that PX-5S patch in the downloadable section called "HornSwell". The sound is rich and fat. The Guitars are a Line6 Variax JTV-59 (on I believe the Lester) and a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser 7-string both through the RoughBoy patch on my Line6 HD500. The Keys, Drums, Basses and Vox FX come from my Korg X50. The Muted Trumpet is from HALion 5, all recorded with Cubase 7 through a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. Thanks for listening