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  1. Hello I receive an error when I try to mount the USB. The message says "Format Error". I have just tryed to format the USB pen drive in various formats with the Windows format, butu nothing changes. My PX5S has 1.13 firmware. Can you help me please? Roberto
  2. Random Arpeggio

    Thanks very much. If I would to create real random parameter control arpeggios i have to do it manualy, right? It would be nice to have a real random function...
  3. Random Arpeggio

    Hi guys, is there a way to create random arpeggio?
  4. Wind Effect

    Hei guys, what do you think about this? Have you any suggestion to improve it?
  5. Can i use ZONE1-4 parameter arpeggios all on the same tone selected for example in the ZONE 1?
  6. Wind Effect

    Version 1.1


    Hello, this is my first FX creation. It reproduces the sound of the wind. Load the HEX LAYER into User 50 Load the WIND arpeggio into position 100 Load the WIND WHISTLE arpeggio into position 101 Load the Stage Setting ZONE 1 Disable ZONE 2 Use S2 to play with the whistle. Use S3 to play with tempo. ZONE 2 (initially disabled) Disable ZONE 1 Use S1 to play with the wind intensity. Use S3 to play with tempo. Try also to disable the ARPEGGIO and play with S1 and S2. Demo: https://soundcloud.com/roberto-maresca-1/casio-px-5s-demo-wind-effect
  7. new Sounds new Samples ? on March...

    Can you expand the file name lenght more than 8 charachters? Thanks!
  8. Privia PX-5S - Cubase Patch Script

    Hi guys, the drum kit selection doesn't work for me. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  9. Sweet Dreams Stage Setting (PX-5s)

    Wonderful! It's better than the original
  10. Drum Kits on Cubase 5?

    Hi, I have a problem using the PX5S with cubase. I loaded the instrument in the MIDI devices and everything works fine, but I have problems with the drum kits. If I select any drum kit (on channel 1 or 5-16), on PX5S instead of battery it is selected a synth. Where am I wrong? Thanks for the advice. Roberto
  11. John Lennon Imagine Phrases & Song

    Thanks. Just made it on the fly..
  12. Version 1.1


    Here's the four phrases to compose the John Lennon Imagine song.
  13. File Name: John Lennon Imagine Phrases & Song File Submitter: RobMare File Submitted: 15 Feb 2014 File Category: PX-5S Phrases Here's the four phrases to compose the John Lennon Imagine song. Click here to download this file