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  1. In PX-5S, can I save user-defined temperaments, in which I give my own cents value to the musical scale? Like the 17 temperaments named on page E-37 of the Tutorial, except that I want to make my own adjustments to the scale; so I can save the scale as my own Custom scale. I see there's a “FINE TUNE” function of +/- 99 cents defined on pages E-32 and E-37, but it’s unclear if this function refers to all notes in all scales being moved by that amount (the same as ‘tuning’), or individual notes. To further clarify: to get my own temperament I need all the ‘A’ notes to be adjusted together (A1, A2, A3 etc.), say up 15 cents; and then all the ‘A#’ notes to be adjusted differently (A#1, A#2, A#3, etc.) together, say down 12 cents; and so on for each note. This would create my own temperament. It’s unclear to me whether the PX-5S can do this. It looks like ‘fine tune’ applies to all the notes (A,A#,B,...) of the scale at once, which would not work. Thanks
  2. Good idea, that's the kind of thing I was hoping for (if Casio hasn't actually published a spec of the cents values). I use Logic on a Mac, so Midi OX isn't available to me, but I might be able to rig up something inside Logic. Or find a Mac equivalent to Midi Ox. Thanks. And @Hugh O'Kelly: I appreciate that you're trying to help me, but I was more looking for a way to get the specific numbers, like how Choppin suggested. I've actually had a fair amount of experience with alternative tunings, so that sort of background wasn't what I was after. A2F1
  3. Hi, According to the Px-5S manual (and also the 350 manual, and maybe the rest of the Px's) there are 17 different temperaments available as options. This is interesting to me because I've been playing in Partch's version of "Just Intonation" for decades on other instruments, and it would be nice to be able to mach that on the keyboard. But the devil is in the details. I'll need to know exactly what changes have been made, at each chromatic step, to be sure. For instance, the "Pure Major" option might use traditional just intonation, but probably not (I've seen different definitions of it, and I don't know what Casio's is) -- so won't know unless I get a list of the 12 steps and either the ratios used by Casio, or the cents values away from Equal Temperament they use. So, anybody know -- is this information available anywhere, or is there a good person to ask in Casio? Thanks
  4. PX350 DSP settings

    Agreed that this would be a major interesting development. I would like it Casio could weigh in here on whether this can be done in any simple way (and save Jokeyman some research time!) Maybe I'm only dreaming in colour, but I have: a) a third gen iPad. a korg micro-control (8knobs, 8sliders, 16 buttons). I don't think it's huge jump to think that MIDI messages generated from one of those could adjust the reverb and eq on the Px-350 in real time. It's only a matter of software, I believe -- so Casio could write it that way, IMO, if they wanted to. Do they want to? That's the question. It's got my vote. AF1
  5. Hi Jokeyman123 I'm new to this forum and deciding between a 350 and a 5S, and came here with some questions to try to distinguish between them. One critical difference is the 5S has those real-time sliders. If there's a way to do this on the 350 by external controllers it might tip the balance for me. So I'm very interested in your experiment and hope you'll post here with the result. Thanks AF1