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  1. Getting kick drum beat only?

    Cool, thx m8 - yep, that was good info, very helpful!
  2. Getting kick drum beat only?

    hahaha! I guess so
  3. Getting kick drum beat only?

    Hey Choppin any follow up here? or was the one reply the limit of my quota? hahahaha!!
  4. Getting kick drum beat only?

    thanks Choppin, yeah sorry, I wasn't clear in my OP.Creating a phrase to play this automatically with a Stage Setting is exactly what I want to do. Except the phrase would be slightly different on a per song basis. I'll have a try of your tip though, sounds interesting PS: When you say write back, can you explain what you mean by that please?
  5. Getting kick drum beat only?

    So I am trying to find ways to keep the px5 - several things are causing me to look elsewhere, but I like the keybed and some other operational things, so I am genuinely looking to keep it (tried the 560 and it went back!) Now if I can figure this, then maybe it will help the decision, hahaha! What I am after is to be able to have a simple kick drum only beat, similat to me using my kick stomp pedal http://www.peterman.com.au/music/stompboxes/Bass-stomp-puck-pro example say, doof..doof..doof..doof, and variations and syncopations on that theme, but all juts a kick drum only.. Now is it true that drums can ONLY be assigned to Zone 1? What if I need to use two Hex tones? Can I create a Hex that will allow this drum pattern AND say a hex bass for example?
  6. PX 560 Auto accompaniment problems

    Chord recognition methods on this Casio are VERY basic, especially in fingered mode. Have a look at Korg or Roland chord recognition and you'll see a truly pro way of doing things!
  7. 560/SP3 MIDI question...

    Ahhh, good point Alen - I didn't pick that up. Sorry to th OP
  8. 560/SP3 MIDI question...

    Download and install MIDI-OX - its free! And simply press any button or control and it will show in in the display (of MIDI-Ox) if messages are being sent!
  9. Okay after testing with sending data (or trying to) that the 560 generates with a push of a registration button, and the "deafening silence" from Casio on the subject, despite many requests, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed NOT possible to select a registration via midi. I am happy to be proved wrong by CASIO, but I'd be preapred to bet that nothing will be forthcoming from them! Just like CASIO did not add a continuous controller jack option to the PX5 (as they probably thought no-one would want it!!) the company have not included this vital and very important operation (selection of registrations via MIDI) in the OS or MIDI specification for the 560. This is DESPITE it clearly stating in the MIDI spec sheet that SYSEX will be recevied by the 560. And looking at data generated, it would seem that the 560 does indeed use SYSEX data within itself however this is not available at the IN port of either USB MIDI or standard MIDI. I think that as they have not included the Registration banks in the MIDI data that can be selected using MSB/LSB Program change or any other method, (refer the addendum) Casio had no intention or thought of it ever being required. Therefore I think we should stop beating our heads against the wall and accept it is more a home keyboard than a pro stage model, and ergo without any advanced MIDI operations, and move on from there. The marketing does not go overboard on its ability as a controller so I guess there is the biggest clue as to the 560s "raison d'etre". I do not believe (CASIO) will release any firmware updates to address this as all the focus now will be on the PX 5 successor (and/or other models in CASIOs range). The only updates will be for OS bugs, and afaics on this score, there is not much wrong with the 560. They will want a clear separation of targt market for the 560 and any PX5 replacement.
  10. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    It wasn't a "how to" question - and yes I was aware of that "rule". The PM came after several attempts in a forum thread (that MM responded to with a question of his own mind you!!) to to get him to respond. TEXT of PM: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike, I asked recently about whether the PX560 block incoming SYSEX data...You responded by asking what I was trying to do, and despite me trying to push it along I ahve had no further response. Can you please confirm if SYSEX data receviing is blocked somehow on the PX 560? I am trying to find a way to select Registrations via MIDI.. Thanks PS: Sorry for going the PM route, but you must get hundreds of notifications on threads at the forum, so perhaps may have missed replies to the actual thread. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

  12. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    @ Alen
  13. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    Would seem so Alen...the one she has also includes the wrong format of Bank select numbers (albeit the Controller 0 system is also there). Plus she has the patches in the same mixed up and random order that the addendum has haha. I went to the trouble of putting mine in numerical order. But, had I known there was one already,I wouldn't have spent 4 hours creating one, and just downloaded and modified it haha! Anyway all good. At least there are now a couple to choose from I will be amending mine as it goes along, hopefully with some sysex data if EVER Casio get back to us with the SYSEX documentation or information!! I ahve even tried a PM to Martin - again no response at all. Seems with this 560 Casio were not expecting pro users to be buying it (or it's not marketed at them anyway perhaps?) It's shame really, because with a few firmware/OS tweaks it could be, relatively, quite a powerful stage 'board....BUT that would probably eat into the market for the PX5 replacement which I feel (just a gut feeling) is not very far away. Lucky I only have mine on a six month rental - for this very reason.
  14. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...

    One thing though - does your 560 respond to sysex?
  15. Sonar - Cakewalk - .INS File Available...