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  1. Error No Files?

    Thank you sir...
  2. Error No Files?

    Hey folks need your help.Had put my Pro away for about 6 months ,took it out turned it on ,says updating then error no files..I'm 64 yrsold, and I need you young folks help...thanks!
  3. Any old Genesis fans?

    Tony Banks was one of my favorite key guy's.remember no midi no loo pings just a lot of hands that,s the way I learned to play and still do.
  4. Any old Genesis fans?

    You betcha!!!!.how the rumored dispatch of Peter Gabriel was a shame!
  5. XW-G1, Kaossilator Pro, & Kaoss PD EDM Configuration

    How do you like the kaos pads.?i was thinking about getting one ...
  6. Mark of a great synthesizer

    Wow as the guidance counselour said "drugs are bad "!lmao
  7. How many keys for a jam session?

    Think I,ll bring along my g1andp1.this is turning into an elp like moment. A guitar buddy of mine who ,I don,t know was hit in the head by a rock I think,invited some months ago to jam with him.Okay so far ,so good. I went to pack up a guitar or bass,he tells me "nope ,why don,t you bring them old synths you never play, cause I,m playing drums,"Wtf!!!!!! So ,get this I dig out my 30yr old multimoog and roland sh 101grabbed my guitar pedal board.And went to his house.All I can say is I haven't picked up a guitar in 6months and won't.So that's,how this started!!!!yep.
  8. This is important to me.One of my buddies invited me to his house for a jam session.my problem is two keyboards or three? And which combination?do I take the two synths ,p and g and leave the px home?or do I take the px and leave the g1or p1?or take all three.i should explain that the music will be totally freeform.i.e.lets play and see where this goes..what would you fellas do? And thanks!
  9. P1 and G1 finally!

    We a club now?Sweet.i,m in the tri club.? I got my privia px5s.However in a few weeks I just plan to jam with the twins over to my buddy's house.Welcome to the twins club.A bass playing buddy was amazed at how light they were. .
  10. How about a moog type synth?

    Yikes!lol.I only meant it would be interesting considering their re entrance into synths.I have a multimoog and my first introduction to synths was a modular in1980.
  11. How about a synth based on a minimoog?or better yet a korg ms 20 mini.Something along that idea would be interesting esp.them and their great price point.
  12. My late dad who was a great saxophone player,and my sis is a great clarinetist.Me I had to fight for every note.When I told my dad,I'll never make a good pianist,he looked at me,looked at my synths and said"Son,I could never get the sounds out of those things you do,I wouldn't know where to begin".So I proudly wear the name Synthesist and will finally start taking lesson at the old age of 63.My new px 5s demands it.Which do you consider yourselves or both or something altogether different ? Just curious....
  13. THIS Display

    I agree with you about the screen.Also what happened to black on white screen lettering?
  14. I wonder if Casio would....

    I watched a demo and was impressed.but the price! Then someone would steal and I'd have to..... Uhhhh never mind...lol
  15. In a few weeks I,m going to a jam session to debut my casios .No tape over the name,covers or any of that.And to further confound folks,I'm going all battery.It never ceases to amaze, that if great megastar musician plays a no name instrument good or bad,people go oooooohhhhh.What was he playing,and can I get one,forgetting it,s all in his hands.I recently read an article about the latest yamahas,the motifs? Fine instrument I,m sure but all I read was",the potential of the instrument is amazing,after studying for 3months I'm starting to understand it"Whattttt! Casios I think in my old age are about performance.Rebranding seems to me like fakery ,like you are ashamed of your product.i will take my orange chrome p1,my g1,and my privia 5s and wave my freak flag high!Yeezus!